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has anyone had strange discoloration of their teeth while pregant?

I dont even know if I am pregnant yet, I am a week late and have tested negative on all hpt and one blood test, the blood test was done the day after my missed af.

I had some syptoms last week, such as tiny bumps on nipples,lots of cm, lower abdominal pain and now sore boobs. But I just noticed my teeth look very odd, all the tips ( top and bottom) have turned very white, my teeth are naturally a bit yellow, but they are most defiantly white tipped now. My co-worker said this is a sign of pregnany but I havent been able to find anything online about it.
I am going for another blood test tomorrow. I am very very regular, but with the negtive tests so far I dont really know what to think.Anyways if anyone has ever experianced this please let me know~
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my dentist told me the white spots on my teeth where due to the baby pulling calcium from my body, but my doctor said that it wasn't, so i didn't know who to beleive!
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I think the white tips have more to do with a calcium problem than pregnancy. I found this on a dental website for you:

A number of factors can lead to the development of white spots on teeth. Sometimes these spots are caused by nutrition, genetics, or an excessive intake of fluoride, while other times they become evident after braces have been removed. Some children also develop white spots on their teeth as they are developing.

Usually white spots that appear on the teeth are actually areas of decalcified enamel and sometimes this problem can actually lead to the deterioration of teeth. Some dentists will tell you that the first evidence of tooth decay is a white spot lesion and by this description they mean that the tooth’s enamel has taken on an opaque color in the area where the cavity is beginning to form.

White spots on the teeth can appear after changes have occurred in the mineral content of a person’s teeth (which often happens childhood and leads to eventual deterioration of enamel if left untreated). White spots can also appear in connection with a condition called fluorosis, which is the result of having an excessive intake of fluoride. People who live in areas where drinking water contains a high fluoride level often encounter this problem.

White spot lesions are also commonly attributed to having braces. People with orthodontic braces often have trouble properly brushing their teeth and the result is a build-up of plaque. The acids in plaque can severely harm tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities. The first evidence of this type of tooth decay is the white decalcified enamel spot or lesion that becomes apparent when braces are removed.

White spots (or areas where enamel has become decalcified) can be extremely bothersome when braces are removed because usually the part of the tooth that has remained underneath the orthodontic bracket will remain protected from plaque, while bacteria continues to attack the area surrounding the brackets. This means that when braces are removed the teeth will appear stained by the brackets and small, square, discolored outlines will remain on teeth until they are treated.

Treatment options for white spots on teeth can include fluoride treatment, bonding and porcelain laminate placement depending on the severity of the problem.

Most people do not realize that sometimes having bright, white teeth isn’t necessarily a good thing. So, if you haven’t been brushing and flossing but you’ve noticed your teeth are getting whiter keep in mind you might be well on the way to decay.
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