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hate being pregnant!

Does anyone else hate being pregnant I feel like I'm the only grouch =( I see other pregnant girls talk about how happy they are and how they love everything about pregnancy and post a million pics of themselves with their pregnant bellies. Meanwhile I hate being pregnant hate that I'm gaining weight I haven't even take one pic of my belly I feel so ugly so fat. I got my first stretch mark and I'm so miserable. I'm 35 Weeks and I been so unhappy the whole time. All I do is cry!! I even dread leaving my house. I can't control my temper my hormones are going nuts. baby doesn't let me sleep at night. My back is killing me. sighhh I'm so over it!! But I feel bad feeling this way. Anyone feel the same
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I hate being pregnant top! Of course I've been pregnant three years in a row lol
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I dont hate being pregnant but I am ready for my lil mans arrival. Pregnancy does take a toll on u after a while, But its all worth it in the end, Think of hte stretchmarks as babys first piece of artwork:)) enjoy it while U can. because u will miss moments like tht. It may suk now but U will miss feeling him/her kick or having the hiccups and trust me once he/she reaches about 2 or 3 u will be wantin to shove them right back up there....haha":))
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Hines2009 I love your comment about stretch marks being my mannys first artwork it brought tears to my eyes. I just being in a dark place and I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel but its so hard
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I agree with Hines, after the baby is born (probably not immediately after) you will wish you enjoyed it more! I was the same way with my son, I was miserable, wanted to just skip ahead to my baby boy, and I regret it so much! We're pregnant with number 2 and I have a whole new outlook on this pregnancy, I'm enjoying it and not taking it for granted! Hormones are TERRIBLE, and everyone has their days, but try to relax, get sleep while you can, because believe it or not, it's WAY worse than being woken up from kicking, and know it won't last forever, pretty soon you'll be holding your brand new baby!
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It will all be over before u know:) I am 34W3D and I am so ready. With my second pregnancy I got soooo big and Stretchmarks terribly and this elderly lady tht I know told me to think of it as babys first piece of artwork and u know tht really made me look at it differently..lol Its soo true! Is this ur first?
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Thanks ladies and yes its my first pregnancy
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Well congratulations and good luck with everything!!! :)) Dont stress too much it will all get better very soon":)
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This is my second pregnancy and I hate it I hated it both times. I hate it so much that because I have a boy and this one is a girl I've already signed the paperwork to get my tubes tied. Some women don't love being pregnant especially towards the end.
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And some are dying to get pregnant
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They say when people hate being pregnant they cope a lot better afterwards when the baby arrives and with parenthood. Good luck lady
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I'm not saying some people aren't dying to get pregnant I love my babies and being a mom and was thrilled to be having a baby both times I got pregnant I just don't like being pregnant
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Omg thank god I'm not the only one! I was starting to worry that I was the only one who hates this. Don't get me wrong i am super excited about my little girl but i want my body back. I'm 25 weeks and the "morning" sickness, fatigue, headaches, and moodiness are killing me! I can't wait for this to be over and I have my little pumpkin in my arms and not my belly!
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No.. I hate it now...
With my first I loved it..  lived with my parents so
Did nothing but work and lazy around....had a
Supper pregnancy too....didn't show till 7 months ish... no problems etc...
2nd one... wasn't too bad....planned.... finished work early.... hubby was off too....had spd  , but
Got through it OK.
This one.....yuck.... not planned... got really bad
Spd this time.. just started new Job. . Really
Huge.. I have the 2 others to look after.....
Found I have group b strep. Baby has been
Breach... very uncomfortable...
37 +3 now... totally ready for baby to be born
And to top it off....I've fell out the back door today.... hurt my hip... both hands and grazed
All my side of one leg. Feeling very sorry for

You are not alone in this.
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I feel the same way and I'm 37 weeks! I have hated my whole pregnancy pretty much. I am already overweight as it is so I just feel super fat and depressed all the time. Alot of people can't even tell I'm prego and I'm due in 3 weeks. I don't have a single belly pic either. But at the same time I wouldn't change it for the world. This is my 1st baby and I can't wait to hold her in my arms.
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I hate being pregnant. I take belly pics to keep my family updated and hoping itll make me excited
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I hate being pregnant too. This is my first and I am so swollen and huge. I wasn't very big until this week which I am 33 weeks. But my legs and feet are so swollen all the time now and I just feel enormous. And I get annoyed with my cousins who have kids and my friends telling me its wonderful and worth it....but I'd much rather the baby be here now!!! I feel as if no one was as miserable as me pregnant .
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I hated being pregnant with my son. It was complication after complication after complication. No joke, every doctor appointment, something else was wrong. I had hyperemesis, got hospitalized at 9 weeks, got a Zofran pump, was told my son was a high risk for deformities and possibly Downs, gestational diabetes at 15 weeks, anemia, and etc. I took my last picture at 26 weeks because I was so miserable. This pregnancy, I love it (as long as the sickness doesn't kick in).
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I don't hate being pregnant I just hate the symptoms lol. My right hip hurts when I have to get up and down or walk around a lot almost feels like arthritis and I'm only 22! And I also can't stand not being able to get comfortable when laying down. Other than that I'm enjoying it. :)
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I only hate being pregnancy when i feel alone
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I truly understand I thought I wrote this post myself. Lol
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I truly understand I thought I wrote this post myself. Lol
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I hate feeling sick and being tired all the time and gaining weight but i know later on it will all be worth it.
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I haven't felt pregnant up until recently @ 31 weeks. Between my back & no energy its taking a toll on me. The weight gain is probably the worse part of it. Just think in 5 weeks things will be better. I know our little bundles of joy will be worth it.

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