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heart broken

I've been struggling to earn the acceptance of my fiances family. I mentioned this once before but it seems to have escalated..

Officially everyone in the family knows we are having a baby and none of them were happy to hear about it.They didn't even congratulate us.. They just say "oh we wish you had waited".. there are officially 4 women pregnant in his family, not including me. Many are disappointed in him and I don't even know why!

No one is pointing fingers at me but now I feel like an intruder in their company. So we are having an unplanned baby, so we aren't married yet! We are both financially stable and have a roof over our heads. That's a damned good start for a life together I thought..

It all boils down to his mother and grandma.. they hate my tattoos, how I dye my hair and how I wear my makeup. I dress modestly, I even go to lengths to HIDE my ink when we visit. I love my body and my style, so does my man. I just don't understand why they are so hung up on my appearance..

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I know what youre going through, my husbands mom and grandma hate me too lol. I only have 4 tattoos and for the most part they're all covered but I have 1 on my wrist from a previous miscarriage and his mom actually called me trashy for having them to my face and his grandma can't make up het mind why she hates me so much but the most recent is bcus I wasn't as excited as she felt I should have been about a crochet set she made. Yes she hand made it but its BLUE and shes known we are having a GIRL since january! Sometimes my husband thinks she does things like that just to get to me. I just ignore it and live my life whether they like it or not.
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I hate when people are judged for their ink! It is a method of self expression and is just as acceptable as anything else. I personally have 5 (including a huge Alice in wonderland piece on my right side) and all the time I get "oh you don't seem like the type to have tattoos", like because I have them I must be some lower form of human?
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Id go nuts if someone acted that way around me about my tattoos! I have over 30 tattoos I have a half sleeve on one arm and the bottom half of one of my legs sleeved! I can't stand when people look at me crazy in public but I'd throw a fit and stand my ground about my tattoos to people that know me and treat me that way!

Tattoos are art!!!!
not a drug sign or cult signs for demons and all of that stupid shiit!! I hate when people put labels on tattoos like that!

My tattoos are all beautiful and they symbolize special moments, people and places in my life!!!

I have Spanish writing on my wrists and people being smartass' ask what it means and I tell them it means **** the world! Lol

It's Carpe' diem!

"Seize the day" another meaningful part of a fragile time in my life!!
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I try not to let it get to me. My entire chest and back are tattooed and my wrists but all they seem to think is I'll be a bad influence on my child and promote my kid to do drugs and whatever. Its ridiculous. One of his aunts has a little boy who loves my tats And she pulled him away saying "only bad people get tattoos". Ugh.
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My husband is covered in tattoos from his neck to his feet and my dad hates it! But after a while he got over it when he realized he wasn't going anywhere lol
My husbands family don't say anything about all my tattoos because he is so covered in them! Can't say I know what your going through but don't change who you are for anyone's approval! I love my ink and I love showing it off! And I don't give a damn what people have to say about it!  

Just don't let anyone get to you!!
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