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Well I am a regular pot smoker an I just found out i am pregnant is it bad to smoke an I really don't car what you non pro marijuana birches have to say so say your breath an thought an go type some **** to someone else
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I'm sorry I missed your question.  I don't know why my forum notifies me of some questions and misses others.  If you were my patient, I would advise you to really try to quit.  Your baby will be born addicted and will go through withdrawal.  After pregnancy if you resume (or continue) you should not smoke around your baby because of the risk of lung and other diseases caused by second hand smoke.  Quitting marijauna is very difficult because it stays in the tissues for quite some time--a month or so.
You may have a long road ahead of you.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Im no doctor but if i were you id quit. And trust knowing your pregnant gives you alot of will power to quit things. So give it a try because its always worth it. For you and your baby! :) Ps Congrates!
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I've smoked weed b4 so I'm not one to judge u hun but I'm sure u won't a healthy baby so its best u quit b4 it causes any damage to ur that precious child u have growing inside of u. Btw my friends sister was a regular smoker n her daughter was born having all kinds of breathing issues because of weed she's 4 yrs old n still uses a breathing machine every day with her she'll be living with this for the rest of her life . Best of luck to u
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I messaged you :)
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Well pot is fine no different then drinking it should be legal i believe , but i think you know the answer already to this it does impair you whether it gets u messed right up or just relaxes u a bit or you reflexes are delayed etc , thc will affect the baby and prob, different then you so even if it has little effect , i have lots of friends who smoked all thru pregnancy only three  of 11 had babies under 5 pounds one was preemie the other two term a few are " adhd"  and its hard to say that weed was the cause these things just happen sometimes but hard to say it wasnt , so irs ur body ur baby ur judgment/choice , , but it does still also cause cancer when smoked , so ya ciggarettes have tons of carcenogens ( dont know h
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N weed doesnt but most isnt grow very natural ne more either , thsts why its so potent alour parent always talk bout they have one puff as opposed to huge joint and way more effed up like almost like a hallucinogen to them they get so high a lot of adults when i was a teen said that and now too sonething to that degree , also watch u dont get tested and have government up ur *** its sometimes prob at random or routine depending on location n hospital and i dunno bout weed but other drugs for shore , at very least cut down to 1/10th of usual daily intake , depending on how long n stuff and how much u could stress ur body put which isnt good for baby either so taper or i recomend asking a dr or google crap out if it if ur scared bout back lash , not a dr but better then not knowing anything ilu will get sooo many conflicting opinions online or ne where if its not a dr n maybe even some drs whoknows right so , 9 months isnt a lifetime ur at least thru 1 already i assume , good luck
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I am pretty much a daily pot smoker...except when I am pregnant. (or breastfeeding for that matter) My view is that I would not be able to live with myself if something happened to my baby because of my habits. Even though there is not tons of research I feel the possibility of the risk is not worth it. It's an amazing little baby that you are growing inside your belly. I am cutting out soft cheese and caffeine, I can certainly survive without bud as well.
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I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. This is my 4th pregnancy with the other 3 ending in miscarriage. I smoke moderately throughout the past 3 and miscarried. I quit smoking the day I found out about this one and have made a healthy little one on the way. Do what you feel is right but remember, if anything is wrong with your baby you'll have to live with knowing you did that to your child. I say quit:) you'll feel better and your baby will too!! Good luck!
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Im a regular smoker as well and smoked the entire time for my two other kids..im 9wks pregnant now but decided I will stop for this one... I will say my two kids were born healthy and are the brightest... They are both honor roll students and people are shocked at how advanced they are. There is no proof what so ever that smoking weed causes any birth defects (do the research). I decided to stop because im paranoid of getting drug tested and the possibility of having my newborn or kids taken away (its just not worth it). If your going to smoke, just cut down but be prepared in case of a drug test. Some docs randomly test and without you knowing so u must ask yourself if its worth it. Good luck!
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If its something you wouldn't give to a baby or child don't put it in your body with your baby there. I miss my evening beer but none for baby so I just give it up for a while. :)
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Anything that affects your oxygen intake is going to decrease the oxygen floowing to your baby.. and if you don't want cps involved in your life you should probably quit. Many women smoke cigarettes all the way through and everything goes just fine, it just depends :)
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Im a regular herb smoker also and just found out that i am roughly 5-6weeks prego. I smoked moderatly when i was prego with my 3yr old and he is the brightest kid i know. But with this one i have decided not to smoke at all...its hard bc i can't sleep without the herb but im forcing myself to....
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