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Ok so i know i have asked this question before but is it possible im pregnant....here goes...Ok on June the 15 i got my period and i have not gotten it since then.. it lasted for about 4 days usually it last about 6 days or more but it didn't so i took a pt and it said negative i waited a few days and took another one that one as well said negative i have taken about 4 or 5 pt and they all say negative but i am addicted to coke as in the one you drink and they told me that that could be a problem on y its give me all negatives an lvn told me that could be y so i believe her..but i have all the symptoms i have the dark around the nipples, sensitive breast, nausea especially vomiting for the past two days it has almost been non stop in the morning i have back pains abdominal pain on the right side and when its not constipation its diarrhea and the smell of food bothers me and stuff like that i gained 2 pounds since my last menstrual im not sure if it has something to do with the pregnancy but i just want to know so that way i can go to a doctor the reason y i don't get checked with a doctor is because i can afford it this month till next but at least i can go buy prenatal pills if i am...could i be pregnant even though the test say negative...

please no rude answer...thanks in advance..
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Girl I'm on the same page as u! LOL let me know if u get any responses!!!! ok
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really y same day you were suppose to get it and everything...i will can you let me know as well!!! ...lol
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Ya I will don't trip! The only difference between me n u is that I had an ectopic. I got all the symptoms... But all negetive tests! LOL I don't know what the heck is going on. Lol
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I'm in the same situation too. Except my last period started May 30th. I've taken 3 tests and they all read negative. Good luck! ^_^
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wow,...i wonder whats happening and if we are pregnant...the weird thing about it is that i have taken like 5 pt and all negatives on the 15th of august i will be 2 months late...
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I wonder too. I'm not really stressed, it's just the not-knowing thats killing me. Today is my second miss period in a row... I've taken 3 tests and they've all been negative. I'm taking another one first thing when I wake up... considering I ever fall asleep tonight :P
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When did you last take a test? You may have tested too early.
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i took it about 4 days ago... but i took the test "answers" that the name ...do you think it was to early?...if my last period was june 15 when would be a good time to take one then...
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You should take a pregnancy test when your period is due or late, so we can't tell you when to test because we don't know when your period is due.

Good luck!
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i think you should have a blood test done for hcg levels...i doubt coca cola would mess with those results. your dr. would do it for you and also investigate why you're missing periods if it continues and you test negative on the blood test for pregnancy.
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The "answer" brand test is a test that needs higher levels of HCG (pregnancy hormone) to register positive.

Try Clear Blue Digital it''ll give you a definite yes or no. I got my positive with a BARELY positive HCG level of 27 (the test registers around 25)

Coca Cole won't mess with pregnancy tests. Also, you can SAFELY drink 2 soda's a day when pregnant. Just keep an eye on the caffiene levels. You can have 200mg a day of caffiene
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