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hospital stay

Okay so when I have my son will my one year old daughter be able to stay at the hospital with us?
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Different hospitals have different policies. They may be stricter if you are due during flu season.
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So like my daughter might not be able to come up at all???
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i think so unless you approve it to your doctors there suntims you cant have little,kids in there with you but i think if you approve it and thats your only kid and dat has no babysitter,i,think,not really sure you have to talk this with your doctors
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My nephew was able to come up during labor when Mt sister pushed he left the room. When baby was born he was able to come in and talk to baby. But after he had to go home
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Usually they can visit but can't stay overnight!
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Didn't hospitals have different policies but I know where I am there not aloud to stay the night there an if its flu season there not even aloud in labor delivery at.  My daughter was born red 2013 my 10 sister wasbt aloud to meet her niece until we went home which was about a week later
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Thats why im going to a birthing center. My daughter has never spent a night away from me, shes almost 3. No epidural or anything but she can be there with me. And i dont have to stay there for days, i can leave a few hrs after having the baby. I wanted to do it natural anyways. Its a win win for me.
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My daughter hasn't ever been away from me I'm a stay at home mom I have a hard time just leaving her with a sitter for a little while
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If you were thinking about having him naturally then see if there are any birthing centers around you. I have to drive 40 min to each appointment, but its worth it to me to not have to stay at the hospital for 3 days and risk them saying my daughter cant be there with me. Im on medicaid so i couldnt go to the one closest to me.
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You can get an epdiural in a birthing center too sometimes... I only have and will deliver at a birthing center but they do c-sections, epidural and natural births... they just have more of an at home feel, the nurses are way nicer and they gave me loads of food and care after my birth (:
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I totally understand being apart from your little one. I have been a stay at home mum for almost 2 years and my son has never been away from me for more than an hour..and that is just with my husband! I plan on laboring at home for as long as possible  then birthing on my own just with my midwife and nurses. Then coming home ASAP after the birth. Depending on what time of the day it is. :) good luck!
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Like everyone else has said, it just depends on the hospital and your doctor. My daughter was 2 when my son was born, she stayed the night at the hospital with us and even stayed in the room while I delivered him, she just stayed by my head. Just find and pick your hospital/doctor based on her staying with you.
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When I had my daughter the hospital only allowed 1 person to stay with you but no kids. In my opinion when I have this baby I won't have my daughter stay with me. She too hasn't spent a night without me being there. When I go to the hospital and have to stay I would rather have someone watch her while I adjust to being a mom to a newborn again. I also wouldn't want my daughter to wake up a while bunch of times when the nurses come in to check on you and the baby.
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You need to find a sitter for her who is in the family, like your mom, and then follow hospital procedure about when your daughter can be in the room and when she cannot.  This is for the protection of the baby (from germs) and for your sake also.  (You're going to be tired and certainly can't babysit a one-year-old while you are in labor.)  I don't think it will help you to have her in the room at night, the baby will cry and you will have to wake to feed the baby, and your 1-year-old will then want you also.  Give yourself a chance to begin with the new baby without trying to be watching your one-year-old at the same time.  What if you feed the baby at 4 am and collapse and your 1-year-old wakes up at 5 am and takes herself out of the room for a toddle around the halls?  Hospitals aren't set up to deal with that.
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