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how did your labour start...

Please comment on how your laboir started when you started realising contractions etc... and when u went in and stuff so I can keep an eye out for these things lol
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I lover this question I'd also like to read the comments
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Yeah if people actually comment lol
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My first I was emergency induced. My second I had my membranes stripped that morning and i came home and power walked on and off all day then lost my mucus plug and I felt normal. I took a shower and straightened my hair and painted my toe nails and went to bed lol then about an hr. Later I woke up cramping a little.... thought OK I'll take Tylenol tried to lay down ha! Wasn't happening cramping more and more so I called my Dr. And of course there phone service was down and I had to leave a message. I didn't wanna drive allll the way to the hospital because it was 1 am by this point and I had a 15 month old son and I had to wake my mom up...but it got unbearable so I went and when I got there I was already a 5! 45 mins later a 7 and then at 9:20 I had her :))) sorry sooooo long
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I would also love to know I never know when I'm having braxton hicks or real contractions
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Wow what a story texxasbaby :) I want more stories ha
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I had a light back labor on and off day before bloody mucous plug, soft stool (after what felt like an eternity of constipation ha) water broke. Had back labor that felt like cramping and then BAMB a got a big one and rushed to L&D.
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Water had broke the day before in little gushes. The had cramp and the bamb were almost 24 hrs apart.
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My first i was 39+3 when i walked around town doing light shopping. Around 6.30 i got random tightenings in my belly, after an hour they became more frequent so wrote down the time they started and how long they lasted for. After another hour of counting these i phoned the hospital and they told me to come down and daughter was born 39+4 at 4.30am.

With my second no amount of walking or curries helped so had membranes stripped on due date, began irregular tightenings but did not become regular. I lost my mucus plug/ bloody show over 24 hours after membrane sweep then after this contractions started hotting up. Son was born 40+2 at 3.29pm after back to back labour.

Today i am 40+3 weeks with third. Walked over 3 miles today around a forrest but as of yet no joy. Also had a membrane sweep 4 days ago and lost some of mucus plug over the next 48hours. Iv never been pregnant this long and thought this little one would have been born sooner than now. Scheduled for second membrane sweep in 3 days time. If no joy il have induction on 10th nov when il be 41+3. Doesnt seem like hes for shifting lol
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At 37weeks I got in a car accident and a week later on a Friday I started to feel cramping I was in school so I left early did not want to go in labor there so I started walking went to the hospital sent me back that afternoon they really hurted and the hospital sent me back and that Saturday omg I could nit handel it so back to the hospital they gave me morphine and sent me back that night I could not sleep because it hurt so much so I finally said lets go at 4am so the hospital finally admitted me!! At 5cm 100% I did want to do all natural but 3days of labor could not stand more so I got the epidural and by 10am I started pushing and my baby boy was born 1pm :)  he was high up so it took long to push he was 8pounds 20in
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Aww how amazing. I been getting irregular contractions. Just need them to regulate haha! Xx
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My water broke with my first two kids. I had contractions right away after my water broke witg my first. My second my water broke and i had no contractions at all. My third i made it to my scheduled c section date. And im still pregnant with number 4. Lol.
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I woke up on my due date feeling absolutely fine and we very disappointed to not go into labor on my due date... later that evening I had an over whelming nesting feeling and get up a few last min things, took me to midnight. Then the cramps started, I went in to ld at 2am and was only 2cm so they sent me home. I spent that night in the shower crying in pain and at 4 the next day went back to ld and I was 4cm I requested my epidural right away because of all the horror stories you hear about them being to busy. I got my epidural and my labor stopped! Pitocin was given to kick start it again and that made my contractions over lap. Epidural kicked out an hour in and I did the next 8hrs of labor without meds and with extreme back labor (not fun) my daughter was born at 40w1d and was 9lbs7oz... was extremely sick and almost lost her. My labor started exactly how I thought it would. Hoping it goes better this time around
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Wit my first I started having mild cramps ard 9pm 10/23/08 by da morning dey became a little more intense so I went to l&d bt was sent home b cuz I wasn't progressing n my contractions was irregular later on dat nite ard 11 dey became closer n unbearable n went back to l&d n dey kept me had him @10:39 10/25/08(my edd was 10/31/08).......my second I went to da doc 03/10/10 for a regular prenatal appt n she checked me n said I was still high so she couldnt stripe my membranes n I was dialated to one went home n b4 bed I finally tried nipple stimulation n started cramping so I took a shower n tried to lay back down bt dey became stronger so I got up to pack me n my son bag jus in case n my water broke at midnight got to da hospital at 12:30am n was 3cm had him at 7:32 am 03/11/10(edd was 03/23/10)......I'm finally pregnant wit a girl edd 12/4/13 can't wait to tell her labor story
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i just ad my little girl friday night.
i went in for a normal visit that morning && after waiting 2 houurs too be seen got sent home. .
i took a nap after being up ALL night the night before && got woke up by a big gush of blood, i was extremely terrifide so i rushed too the ER. .
after being monitored 2 houurs the doctor came in && checked me && i was 3 cm & 100% effaced && she said " lets have a baby"
i got took back too my rooom && got started on the pitocin, after about an hour later they broke my water.
i got to 7 cm before needing any pain medicantion.
i got the epidural && my labor sped up so quick by then,
about 30 minutes after i got my epi it was time too push. .
i pushed for 27 minutes && brought my beautiful babygirl into this world,
friday, november 1st 2013.
weighing 6 lbs 15 oz && 20 1/2 inches long.
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