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how to loose the weight

okay so i am a 17 year old girl 5'2 who weighs about 122 which is not a bad weight but i have a problem with fat
i have bad love handles a gut and what is like a spare tire around my waste
I am trying to shrink my portions of food and work out a lot and i need to have a good body by summer, because then comes senior year and i am sick of being chubby

when i go to the gym i do 30 minutes on the elptical and then i do ten minutes focussing on my abs then i do tens minutes of upper body workouts such as working shoulders triceps biceps etc then finall i do ten minutes of running and walking i walk half the track then sprint half the track and then of course i stretch

if i keep this up about 4-5 times a week and only go out to eat out once a week do you think i should have a good bikini body
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Mix up your routine all the time. Your body adapts to exercise and you dont lose as much. Try HIIT. Google what it is. Its amazing. Pair it with a good healthy diet and you will tone up. Your weight is great, just tone the parts you are not happy with.
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this is a pregnancy forum, and even though i am sure lots of the ladies here would love to answer your question, you would get better answers or more educated at a weight control forum. look for one they probably have one here...

My only advice is, 122 for 5'2 is not fat at all!!! i cant believe you would have a spare tire being that i am only 5' and before pregnancy i weighted 135 and even though i was starting to get self consious about it i still looked ok. plus, you are only 17 and are at a stage in life where your body changes from a girl's to a woman's, we all have that point in life where we dont look our best, but trust me that stage will pass...
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I was 5'3 and 140lbs. before I got pregnant.  My doc. says that I am on the LOW side for the correct BMI. Meaning that I am not fat, so neither are you. You are looking to tone your body, NOT to lose weight. You need to eat and you need to eat well. You are going to make yourself sick working out all the time like that and not eating properly. In order to build muscle you need to eat plenty of protein and you need to eat it within 1 hr. after working out. You need to consult a legit educated person about this. And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are only 17, you're not even done growing yet. You are only going to get bigger, and it's not bad, your body needs fat to run.
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you can be tubby and still weigh only 122.......i am a small girl
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Lol. I'm 5'2 and 101 and still have fat in places, like my belly and thighs. You will never lose all of it, and you need it. You can also ask any man around, and they'll all tell you the same thing about weight. They don't want a twig bony girl. No one wants to touch bone. Also, working out is also not likely going to drop your weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can weigh 140 pounds and still be slender. Just having a low number doesn't mean you're skinny.

Just remember. It's not about being as small as humanly possible. It's about being healthy and 122 pounds is very healthy. If you're concerned about a little fat then tone it up, but don't starve yourself or skip portions. You will cause your body to start to hang onto weight in an effort to save itself. (I believe this is called starvation mode. I might be wrong)
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