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i am 23 weeks pregnant and i have no stretch marks will i get any?

i am filled with questions my first time pregnant and i'm 23 weeks. i feel my baby a lot and i'm starting to have trouble breathing at times while im trying to sleep. Is it normal? and also i wanted to know if i'll get any stretch marks because i'm already 23 weeks and i don't have any....
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Never say never, Ive heard of women getting them right at the very end. But yes it is normal to have a little trouble breathing but if it is causing a lot of distress talk to you dr.
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With my first, I didn't have any stretch marks until 38 weeks and the breathing thing happened to me to.  It often felt like I had something sitting on my chest.  But I agree with Sarah, if it's a big concern ask you Dr.
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i got mine at 32 weeks =(
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cream...cream...cream and lots of water. I still believe that my belly butter saved me from streach marks.  
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I got mine at 41 weeks with my first so you never know.  I don't think all the cream and water in the world will save you from getting stretch marks.  They are hereditary.  If your mom has stretch marks then you are mostly likely going to get them as well.  I agree with the others.  If you are concerned about your breathing, check in with your doc.  Good luck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!
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I agree with the other women on here about the breathing, probably pretty normal, but definitely check with your Dr. about anything that concerns you.
As far as the stretch marks... I totally agree with Sasha! I don't think there is any cream that will save you from them, if your going to get them you'll get them.
With my first child (born at 30 weeks) I never got any on my tummy (I did get them on my boobs, hips and butt!) but with my 2nd baby I started getting them on my tummy around 34 weeks (I used TONS of belly butter and drank at least 5-6 bottles of water a day). I'm 25 weeks now with  my 3rd, and haven't gotten any more yet, but I'm pretty sure they will come LOL! Just a perk of being a mama!!
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Don't jynx yourself girl! dont call them! i'm religiously following  an application of a stretch mark oil with stretch mark creme on top of it, twice a day, early morn and late night. My mom did have stretch marks BUT i think she got them after having 3 babies in 3 years (and she only have a couple). I myself got some stretch marks in my upper thighs but I've had them from highschool.  I don't even know why I got them, I've always been skinny-maybe my butt grew lol
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thank you so much for your comment, it's my first time being pregnant and this is all new to me. at times i cant believe I'm pregnant still. i still go to school finishing my senior year pregnant is not the easiest, and i'm not able to ask my friends for advice because they have no clue what i'm going through.
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I agree never say never :( I was 8 months before I seen a single stretch mark and then out of nowhere a small line turned into alot of big lines and the next thing I knew I had stretch marks. I even used cream and coco butter everyday. My son is three now and at first I was very self concious of them but they have faded a great deal and now I dont even mind them much.
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i was crazy about using stretch mark lotions....mainly cocoa butter. i didn't have a single stretch mark....that was until i hit 31 weeks (3 WEEKS BEFORE I WENT INTO LABOR!) and bam i got them on my belly and the tata's.
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I honestly thinks it varies for some people.  My mother has given birth to 8 children and has not one stretch mark from any pregnancies.  I on the other hand got them during my first lol
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With my first baby i didn't get stretch marks until I was like 30 wks I thought I was out of the woods at that point but they just started popping up every where after 30 wks
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I'm 34W with baby #2 and no stretch marks. With my daughter I used bio oil everyday , with this baby I use stretch mark lotion coco butter MAYBE every other day if I remember lol. But DO NOT SCRATCH when I feel itchy I run to my lotion lol and rub as much as I can till my itch feeling goes away. I told my husband I wanna see how many kids we can have till I get a stretch mark lol !
I think it mainly has to deal with your body and how big you get.
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