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i have a subchorionic hematoma

hi there i had a scan 13/7/11 at 7.5weeks it showed a happy healthy baby with a good strong hb, i was over the moon after all my m/c's the baby was ok, the next day i went to work i was still extremely happy a few hours after i started work i felt a sharp pain in my vagina i stood to to go to the toilet and check it out when i stood i felt as if i wet myself, i knew it was blood i looked into my pants and sure enough i was soaked in red blood i went to A&E and i was positive i was having another miscarriage A&E sent me home and told me i was miscarrying they didnt check me or do an u/s so i booked a private scan for that eve, but this time i was losing alot of blood and was worrying about the amount i had lost coz iv been taking aspirin due to the miscarriages, i went to the scan later that day expecting to just confirm the m/c, to my shock my baby was there with a good hb and seamed to have no idea about what was going on, they did find a 4cm bleed in my womb im not sure where in relation to to baby it is but do know it can increase the chance of m/c, iv been at home since then resting and drinking a ton of water but can help but worry about my baby im so scared to lose it and cant seen to think about anything else, the drs didnt seem to worried and told me that i will have to 'wait and see' what happens, as for the bleeding its stopped but im still resting, the drs haven't booked a follow up scan or anything they just have left me to it.
my questions are...
has anyone else had this and what was the outcome?
is my bleed considered a big bleed?
what are the chances of m/c with this is the baby is perfectly healthy?
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Unless the bled was right behind the sac and could cause it to seperatr you don't really have much to worry about. I had a miscarriage and got pregnant again and at 5 weeks started bleeding worse than a period and bright red. It continued like that almost every day for 5 weeks and then just stopped. I was put on pelvic rest while bleeding but not bed rest. I went for walks and did my normal routine. Just no heavy lifting or sex. Mine was pretty bad or so I was told. My daughter is now 3 1/2 and healthy as can be.
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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I had the same thing happen to me I went in the ER due to feelinq really bad pains I went in the ambulence and the docters thought I was havinq a stroke (it wasn't what they thouqht it was) I had an untalsound done and it was a subchorionic hematoma . What really qot to me was the thought that I was losinq another baby and the docters seemed to not even care. All they said was "we have to wait an just see what happens" I was sooooo depressed. I was on bedrest and had to follow up with my docter. Everythinq turned out to be good in the end. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and have a healthy babyboy growing stronq in me :) this happend when I was around 15 weeks I believe.

I don't know if your religous but I am and prayinq really does help. :) I wish u the best
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