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i need help im 2 month pregnant

i cant kept anything down i cant eat im so hungry when i eat something it come back out is there any medicine i can take for this to go aways i am to tired hungry but cant eat anything cuz it wont stay but come back out after i eat headache there alot of it going i want this too go away is there anything that i can take to make me feel better plz help!! thanks
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there are many medications you can try to keep morning sickness at bay. but if you're literally not keeping anything down you need medically checking NOW to see if you're dehydrated. contact your dr/ob or go to er.
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I know that this is a sensitive subject...and I certainly refuse to advocate drug use during pregnancy, but years ago I read this article in Mothering magazine (which is highly proclaimed) and I thought I would pass along the link.  

I never had morning sickness, thankfully, but I know others who have and have used this remedy to help keep the food down and said that it was a God-send and the only thing that worked.  I do not know where you live, but I do know that in some states like California, doctors legally prescribe this for severe morning sickness.  If it does not show up as a link, then you can probably copy and paste it.

I will let you read it for yourself.  And again, I am only suggesting that you read it, not try it.  I hope my suggestion does not offend anyone. Remember, I am only suggesting you read.


Good luck  :)
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I agree with worriedbabe, if you can't keep anything down you could be dehydrated. That happened to me during the beginning of my pregnancy!  I would call your Dr. I don't know what type of meds they have for morning sickness in the US, but here in Canada they have Diclectin which is made specifically for pregnant women to help with nausea.  It is AMAZING!!!!  It did wonders for me & a few days after I started taking it I felt fantastic & haven't been sick since :)
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I cannot and do not condone smoking pot while pregnant. Recent studies show it causes CANCER. Anything you eat, drink or otherwise consume DOES pass to baby.

See your doctor. They can find something safe for you to take.
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you shouldnt smoke anything while pregnant, especially weed.

talk to your doctor about your concern
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thanks i have to wait till next month tho cuz im not in my town i been away from my town for a vacation i try going at this place they say that they cant do nothing much cuz i dont live here which sux
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Hey folks, some doctors prescribe it and I am not kidding.  Read the article.  It is really intersting if nothing else.  They say it is more benign than to take some pharmacutical drugs...and yes, they are drugs too.  Just read the article.
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wow i had read couldnt belive it but the thing is that i dont like smoking n plus that smell
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snowdancermeg- I know some doctors do that. But doctors are not gods and just because they say it's okay doesn't mean that it is. New studies are showing really bad consequences to smoking pot. And as I said before, it can and will pass to baby. If you won't give a newborn a bottle full of booze or a some weed, then don't do it while pregnant.
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i smoked pot with my first pregnancy. i had hyperemesis gravidarum ( throwing up everything you try to get down you ) and pot did NOT help. i've learned from experience, stay away from pot generally and particularly when pregnant.
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