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i need some advice

Okay, I went to the doctors yesterday, and ever since then I have been a worry mess!!!! The doctor measured me and I am measuring 42 weeks, the catch is my baby is only at about 33 weeks so I am measuring almost 10cm big. Two weeks before that I went to the doctors and I was measuring 36 weeks and I was only 30..so i am growing at about a 5-6 week rate for every two weeks. I have had a million ultrasounds nad they keep saying they don't know what is causing it. I go in for another ultrasound tomorrow but I cant stand the waiting. Plus i am sooo miserable!! Im sure everyone else is too but I cant even sit up because I am so big. Yesterday the doctor said that she cant imaging me carrying this baby for another two weeks because my body is already 42 weeks pregnant and i must be miserable, and i was liek yea obliviously. hten my husband was liek no y9ou arent getting induced because we need to kep the baby in there as long as possible, which i understand but im just so frustrated because he doesnt understand about hte 42 weeks and thatif my baby wasn't so small, i would have already been induced. Well i just needed to vent ladies and was wondering if anyone else ever had this problem and what you were diagnosed with??
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one of many times i'd say, ignore your husband! they have no idea what's going on, and they hear "times/weeks" and think it's this cut and dry thing.....if the dr's think you should be induced, then you should be.....it's possible to still deliver a 7 lb some odd baby.....but in a way you sound like me....*I* am at 22 weeks, baby is only at 17.....lucky me, fiance leaves all that stuff up to me, he only adds input on how i'm feeling, and what happens when *he* get's here lol.....maybe you will get a different u/s tech? i keep thinking, that maybe since my dr is so hasty, that is why i'm feeling uncomfortable with his "measurements"....it takes him like 2 minutes to do a full u/s.....but i hope all goes well.....i didnt even realize you were that far along!

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Im just trying to understand something here.  When you say you were recently measured at 42 weeks is that based on an ultrasound, fundal height, or both?
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Have they mentioned anything about checking the volume of amniotic fluid?  
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Ok, first of all I would be induced if I were you.. at 32 weeks the baby's lungs are fully matured and he/she wouldn't even have to stay in the hospital..... My neighbor Amy had her son Kye at 34 weeks and he came home when she did ....I would seriously talk to you Dr. about inducing... You are far enough along for them to induce you... Also, you might want to have your amniotic fluid checked... It sound's like your baby could be produing more than needed......
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