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if I dnt knw stop the guessin!

I'm sooo tired of ppl sayin its a girl its a boy cos ur boobs r small or sme other sign, we r nt the sme an if the doc cnt c thn pls stop guessn, do ppl knw hw insane they drivin me Idk wt gender my bby is! For the millionth time omw, dnt they thnk I wud love to knw bt if the bby is nt showin anythn at my apptmnts thn wt shud I do?! I mean reali it bothers me tht Idk bt I cnt do anythn about it! I jus hd to vent, I'm tired of ppls opinions its annoying! 36wks
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I agree...im 34wks n had 3 ultrasounds that confirmed im having a girl so people r always saying ur belly sitting like u having a boy even after I tell them so now I just look at them like they have two heads yes its so annoying
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Yeah I'm tired of people saying im going to explode any day now or omg are you okay?! (belly size)
I have a c-section scheduled for June 19th this baby is not coming any time soon. In my family we don't deliver premies or miss carry babies. Not that theres anything wrong with that it never happens with any of the women in my family. (blood relatives) Either your pregnant or your not lol I get tired of people
thinking I'm going to be like them.
The only surprises is if it turns out to be a boy but expecting a girl.
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Lol!!! With my first baby we didn't want to find out, but I got tons of guesses!!! I even had a lady tell me to turn around so she could look at my butt! She claimed she could tell what I was having by how my butt looked!! Hello, the baby is in the front!!!! Ha..anyway, she said I was def having a boy...it was a girl!!!!! With this baby now, its a boy and I've been getting comments on looking like I'm carrying a girl!!! My first three were girls and I'm carrying this little man the same way!! I'm carrying all out front n high!! Just drives me crazy when other people know more abt my pregnancy than I do!!! :-)
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Yes I'm hvn my c section God willin on the 15th june, so I gt the comments too tht my belly really low so its cmin b4 thn only God knws do ppl realise hw stressful ther commnts r?! If u dnt hv anythn to say thn jus relax!ths is my first bby an its stressful enuf nt knwin wt to expect an hvn to deal wth ppl nt even my mom stresses me bout it wt does it matter wt my bby is or the weight as lng as its healthy I jus wana remnd al of em I'm preg nt u, I'm havn a ruff time. I dnt even wana knw who's gonna say wt wen my bbys here hw I shud do wt... Its soo unecessary  
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I've been stressing about in-laws they are solo over bearing. Thank god my mom and blood family give me tons of space so much that I'm the one calling to update them on everything cause they won't call lol. My hubbys family constantly they want to be at hospital, they want to come over and help when I come home from the hospital. Maybe just maybe I want to be left alone!! They don't care about me they want to see the kids. I have plenty of help my hubby is taking a months worth of leave (military) to help around the house. I don't want anyone over until I'm all healed and feel good so a month and half sounds good to me. I want to be able to walk around, clean, cook for guests. I don't want people over when I just had a baby, feel like crap, and our 3 yr old who is really jealous is getting use to the new baby. It's not going to go well when everyone is conning over and paying attention to the baby. Ok done ranting lol
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Nooo dear kick thse ppl to the curb!!! U need to rest an bond wth ur bby u mst nt allow thm cme over r they crazy, u need to rest an bby mst gt use to everythn, I wishd they'd try tht wth me I will lose my mind! U an bby first, at least for two mnths or smthn I dnt wana c a ppl at my door no way, u ryt let thse in laws jus relax lol
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People are ridiculous.  There is no way to tell what someone is having other than an ultrasound or an amnio.  I'm having my third girl, clear as day on the ultrasound and people insist I'm carrying like it's a boy.  I've carried all my kids the same, it's just the way my body looks when it expands.  Get used to people giving you their opinions on EVERYTHING.  
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Obviously they cant actually tell what your having, its just fun to guess... i set up a guessing pole for the gender, weight and date and took papers for ppl to fill out at work(with my last pregnancy)... it was fun to see who got the closest... after i started it someone said i should have had them pay a dollar to guess and split the money or had it as a to the baby fund... and as far as carrying goes its just old wives tales and what not... just like us doing gender predictors ourselves... but as frustrating as it may get you cant take it personal, these ppl are obviously not trying to get you upset and its kinda an obvious conversation starter for small talk and what not... i get the same questions over and over but i dont let it get to me...everybody likes babies, right? lol
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Yes I gues u ryt, Its probably hw I feel at the momnt zero tolerance lol, it is kinda funny tho in an annoyin way lol I'm jus tired of it... So I jus avoid ppl cos I dnt wana b rude
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I had three ultrasounds that said it was a girl my in laws insisted it was a boy! They didn't even buy me anything for my baby shower cus they said it was going to be a boy and "rather wait" to give me my gift! Well Emma was born two weeks ago and I am still waiting in HER gift!
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