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im completely confused and need help

i am 24 and my stomach has been getting bigger and really tight my boobs are really sore and tender, ive been getting really nautious and tired. but i had my period for this month it was really weird but my family has a history of having periods for at least the first three months. ive been pregnant twice before and lost it both times and the tests always say negative but ive been feeling bubbles in my stomach this time and a few funny pains in awkward places that i know never happens with a period. i want to know what in the hell is going on
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No female has a period while pregnant. It is impossible, and if you did you would miscarry. For you to have ANY form of stomach and/or feel fetal movement you would be at least 13 weeks pregnant. See a doctor and have a beta blood test if you think you're pregnant.
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Clysta no it is not IMPOSSIBLE for a woman to have a period while pregnant. Its not very common but not impossible.. My husbands ex had her period the whole nine months during both of her pregnancies. This site is not used to put others down about their questions. She had a serious question so show some respect next time
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The only thing that could completely answer your question serenity, is if you went to the doctor did a blood test and some ultrasounds. Good luck.
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Where did I not show respect? She asked a question, I answered it. If a female has a period, where does the egg go? Does it break free of the lining and float around till it builds back up? A female sheds the lining that builds up to support a growing fetus. If the egg remains unfertilized, it will dissolve and the tissue is flushed out. If it is NOT, it will then implant and grow. To shed this (as you do in a period) the fetus would be flushed out with everything else. It IS possible to bleed but it is NOT a period. Before you insult others about their knowledge, make sure you know what you're talking about.
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It is 100% impossible to have a period while pregnant.

You can bleed while pregnant due to many things, but you can not have a period. I bled during my first trimester, but it was not a period. Periods and pregnancy do not occur simultaneously. It's physically impossible.
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Obviously you dont know what you're talking about, cause it can happen.. Read this then try to argue with me http://www.periodduringpregnancy.org/
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It's not technically a period. But YES you can have bleeding every month when your period is due while pregnant
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That is not a reliable site..it's a 2nd-level .org domain, which means that you don't have to qualify as a reliable organization to register it.....

it's basically one woman's blog.

That being said...the others are completely right. You cannot have your period, because your period is the act of the uterus shedding the lining, and that would expel everything inside, egg included.

You CAN have, like CR2010 said, period-LIKE bleeding..called decidual bleeding. and it can occur with a regularity that mimics a period.

But we're talking terminology here...and you literally cannot have a "period" while pregnant, although you can have period-like bleeding.
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Not to beat it into the ground, but I have to agree with Clysta, Ashelen, and NicoleW09.  It IS 100% absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have a period during pregnancy. By period that means MENSTRUAL BLEEDING.  Menstrual bleeding consists of the shedding of the uterine lining.  If this were to take place during a pregnancy the cervix would open up, the uterus would shed it's lining and therefore shed the products of conception (the baby) as well.  

It IS possible to have bleeding, either light or heavy, during pregnancy.  But this is NOT a period.  It is bleeding caused by some other means.  

For the OP:  The symptoms you described can be caused by a host of things including pregnancy, stress, hormones, illness, medications, etc.  By best suggestion is to schedule an appt with your doctor and have a Beta HCG test run, as Clysta suggested.  While it is rare, it is possible to have a false negative urine pregnancy test.  With the symptoms you described, again as Clysta said, you would have to be AT LEAST 12-13 weeks along.  By this time a Beta HCG test will most definitely be accurate.
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The blood that protects the egg during implantion is menstrual blood if this lining of blood is shed the pregnancy would be lost. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a "period" if you are pregnant. Best of luck and all of theses ladies except for the one are absolutely right and they have been around for a long time. During my fourth pregnancy there were times I Wouldn't even have to call my doctor because they gave me reliable answers.
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if it were imposible than my mother wouldnt have had a period for about 6 months when she was pregnant with my sister and my sisters wouldnt have had a period for the first three months of their pregnancies its not imposible just rare
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Agree with everyone else!!! Completely impossible to have "menstral bleeding/period"!! You can have bleeding but it is not a period!!
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i dont know if its a period or not all i know is that it always came late and its funny but bleeding none the less just like my mom and my sisters and im scared its not a baby and its something serious but i hope i can get an answer tomarrow and thank you all for ur words. but i dont think you all should fight wether or not something is possible when someone is scared and needs advice
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Okay we understand that it's not technically the "medical" term of.a period, but also some call it that because it is "period" like bleeding and that's what it can be compared to, but you all really need to stop arguing and being.....well some are being down right rude and smartalicy  and you need to realize there is a person behind this question looking for a genuine answer not people needlessly arguing

That being said I've never experienced the period like bleeding, but have heard of people who have, I. Think maybe seeing your.doctor to test and confirm a pregnancy or help confirm a reason for the symptoms would be a good idea and would help put your mind to rest.
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I don't think anyone is fighting with you or trying to make you feel like you don't know what you're talking about.

The point is that there are a number of reasons why women bleed while pregnant, but it is never a period. To have a period while pregnant would mean that you would miscarry. It's just impossible.

At any rate, no one can tell you whether or not you are pregnant. You're going to have to take a pregnancy test. If it's negative then you need to make an appointment with your doctor and see about getting bloodwork done. If the bloodwork is negative, then you are not pregnant.
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Try not to worry. Chances of it being a serious problem are not high, unless your family has a history of cervical problems. There are many things that can cause irregular bleeding pregnant or not, and many are harmless. It could be something as simple as an off cycle or hormonal imbalance.

The intent is to not fight - the problem is there are many terms used incorrectly, and then they tell another it who tells another. Thus, you have millions who assume something happens when it doesn't, and in some cases it can be devastating.
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I agree but some people are getting write harsh and some downright rude or down putting instead someone should have explained it's not a "period" in the medical term but can be considered "period" like bleeding instead of the arguing
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Right not write¤
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thank you for your post i did go see my doc and i will get the results tomarrow and i am going to go see a gyno to see if i can get more answers
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well soon i will find out results but last night i got scared cuz me and my fiance litterally watched a bump in my stomach move from one spot to another. and the doc says it cant possibly be a baby if its up too high well im sorry to say this but my sisters kids were underneath her ribcage and never moved. and my body is very different from most peoples in the fact that i have been sick all my life with a rare form of arthritis hense why i ask questions cuz 1 ive never been pregnant and for 2 my family does have really messed up pregnancies but thank you for all of ur wisdom
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I would suggest seeing an OB/GYN. If you saw something move then you would have to be past 20 weeks. They should do an ultrasound, and even if the baby is stuck under your ribcage, an abdominal ultrasound should pick it up. At that point in pregnancy, the baby can't really hide.

Sometimes OB's have a long waiting list. I was bleeding really early in my pregnancy and they worked me in with a midwife a day or two later.  Good luck, let us know what you find out!
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thanks and i plan on calling one tomarrow but the doc i saw today is doing an hcg test i doubt it can be wrong but either way im going to cover my bases and get things compleatly looked at cuz id feel more comftorble with an ultrasound just cuz i had at least two miscarriges before anyone cared enough to listen to me instead of helping me the all called me crazy so this time im covering my basses so that my fiance can shut up cuz im just in limbo and have no clue what could be happening to me and if its not a baby what in the hell would make my stomach move like it did last night. im just tired of doctors and nobody listening to my concerns and checking into them
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The lump you saw in your stomach could possibly be your bowels! Only saying that because it happens to me, and there is NO WAY I am pregnant, But I get lumps everywhere in my stomach, and it does look like the shape of a foot, (length wise), so it could possibly be that? And as for the period thing, I bled during the pregnancy with my son, and so scared, went to the dr, and she explained to me, it wasn't a period I was having BUT I COULD experience a period type bleeding every month when my normal period is due, (she compared my bleeding with my son to my bleeding of my miscarriage) but unless, followed by seriously bad cramping I shouldn't worry, but my dr even said it is impossible for the period like bleeding to be an actual period but is possible and normal for your body to mimic a period like thing whilst pregnant. But the lump you could've seen, could've been your bowels just basically moving the rubbish out of your body and you were just in a position to see it other than feel it!? The feelings can be hugely similar! (In my own personal experience) I hope you find your answer :D
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It may be difficult for some women to differentiate between some pregnancy bleeding and what could be construed as your typical period. I would say you should probably try and schedule an appointment with your Obgyn.
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