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im curious to know how was you ladies delivery

im curious to know how was you ladies delivery preciate some light since I'm getting closer to deliver. Im a 1st time mom and I would really like to hear your own experiences. Both good and bad.
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With the epidural, my delivery went smoothly. Without it, i turned into Linda Blair (the exorcism)
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My experience was great! (no epidural)
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Can I get anymore experiences please
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I absolutely loved being in labor even before the epidural yes it really hurts but when it was time to push I was just so excited he was out in 10 mins and its really the most amazing thing. I was so nervous and scared of labor but i really loved it and I will definetly have more kids.
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I have 3 weeks to go! I'm so nervous and excited!
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I have two kids and currently pregnant with my third,  both birth experiences were great and it was wirhout an epidural. I suppose it depends on your pain tolerance and birthing method. Good luck!
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Hi! My birth wishlist included a natural labor and vaginal birth. i let that guide my actions, which included laboring at home for much of the time. the hospital is only 4 miles from our home. My contractions started shortly after midnight. They came every hour for the first three hours, then quickened to 15 min. by 5AM.  We hired a doula to assist us through birth (highly recommend!) and she encouraged me to soak in a tub of water. Well, rather than relaxing me, the bath water seemed to quicken my contractions to about 6 min. apart. That was around 6:30AM. I had to get out and immediately was overwhelmed with an urge to push. it took all my concentration not to. The mucus plug came out at this time. i used my birthing ball to rest on all fours to take pressure off my back and pelvis. my DH provided counterpressure on my hips with each contraction.
My doula observed my progress and timed the contractions and said its time to transfer to the hospital at 7AM. It took us awhile to get out of the house because of the contractions and DH was still packing our bags!! Go ahead and pre-register at your hospital to make check-in easier. The last thing you want to think about is presenting your ID and filling out paperwork. The moment I sat down in the wheelchair my water broke. The triage nurse confirmed I was fully dilated and ready to be transferred to the L&D room.
  There were so many hospital staff in the L&D room, at least 7, all buzzing around loudly. It quite pissed me off. I told my doula I couldn't concentrate on giving birth with all the distractions. She shut them up and my OBGYN took over by turning down the lights and getting everyone ready. The nurses were trying to put my legs in the stirrups and take over. i refused since laying on my back was so uncomfortable. i stayed on my side, while my DH held my leg. After you're fully dilated the pain kinda melts away. The contractions are no longer pushing the pelvic bones apart but are now important to push baby out, which is more of a burning sensation. The most difficult moment was when my daughter was crowning. It was the "ring of fire" that I heard other moms talk about. I tore a bit and eventually needed stitches, but that's very common. Once the head is out, the shoulders, rest of the body and placenta are all easy. The nurses were also trying to put a paper cloth across my chest to keep me "clean" when I held my newly birthed daughter. But I declined that also. I also made sure to hold and comfort her for as long as possible, even with the cord still attached, until she was wiped down and examined.
  The first few hours afterwards I was very dizzy because I had lost a good amount of blood. I needed assistance when getting up, which I didn't mind. My muscles and bottom were sore and weak. I continued to bleed for a full five weeks. I hear of moms having abdomen pains after cesarean births, but vaginal births leave you feeling like your bottom is about to fall off.
From my first contraction to birth, total labor was 8 hrs. we were home as a family within 36 hrs. I know this is a lot of info and each mother has her own unique experience, but hope its helpful in some way for you.
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My delivery experience was amazing, very calm, and memorable vaginal delivery thanks to my epidural and a great anesthesiologist!
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All of your experience are a good insights on different deliveries. Thank you everyone.
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I just had my baby girl today at 4pm. I'm so proud of myself...despite every single attempt by my Dr and all the nurses to get me to go with epidural,  I still went without. I assured them that I had both previous boys without and I was fine. I delivered vaginally and had no recovery issues,  and baby was very alert. It's not for everyone, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The hardest part were the last 2 hours of contractions and the two pushes it took to get her out. Good luck!
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Well I have two kids I was induced with both my first I was in labor with for 48 hours but no pain cause I was drugged up and my second I was in labor with him for 23 hours but the drugs didn't work for him cause I was in pain the whole time but once they come out all that is out the window but I never tore with neither so thats a good thing
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I had my baby boy April 15th. He's my first baby and will be for a very long time! My labor experience wasn't too bad, could've been worse. I was scheduled to get Induced today, the 19th at 39 weeks, but when I went In for my weekly appt. , my preeclampsia was worse so they decided to Induced me that day, which was the 14th. I was already dilated to a 3 before the Induction process. I started the process at 3:54 PM, they put this Gel stuff  (sorry I don't remember the name) Inside me every 3 hours to soften my cervix and start my contractions to a constant pattern and dilate me more. Contractions were painful, but were tolerable enough that I didn't need any medication. Didn't have to have the potocin drip (spelling?) So the next day, the 15th, around 12 P.M. they broke my water. Now that's were the contractions got extremely painful, but was able to manage without the epidural. They gave me this one medication In my IV  that was supposed to help with the pain not bein' too painful, but It didn't work for me. I was In a lot of pain and finally asked for the Epidural but was told It was too late and I had to start pushing. It made me wish I asked for It earlier but I'm happy with the outcome. Yes, It was very painful for me, and towards the end I slowed down and didn't want to push anymore 'cuz of how much pain I was In and bein' very tired for constant pushing for a few hours, but everyone Is different. I had my baby boy at 3:15 P.M.. I did tear and felt every bit of It when It happened. I'd rather deal with labor without the Epi again for a day without tearing, then having to deal with this stupid tear for a week or so, It burns very badly every time I have to pee and It kinda hurts  when I have to sit down, I have to take my time to sit down or else It hurts. Other than the tearing part, I think my labor wasn't all that bad. It defiantly Is worth It for my precious baby boy.
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Hey Lanny, I heard if you get a water bottle with a sportscap, fill it with warm water and skoosh yourself down there while peeing, it helps to stop the burning and the pain, and if you can get witch hazel pads, pop them in your underwear, its a natural pain soother x
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Ohh wow it seems like boys come with a lil pain...but keep the stories coming please
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on my first (he was a boy) i was in labor for almost two days i was in so much pain by the second day and babys heartbeat was dropping pretty quickly they gave me pitocen to speed up labor and the started my epidural finally took me about 30 min to fully dilate then 30 pushing i also had an opiziatomy or however its spelled and had to have stitches down there back:/ it wasn't a bad experience it was totally worth it !! but Im 33w with a little girl and i hope this one goes a little smoother(: Good Luck Mamma (:
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Thank you looks like I'm going to need all the luck because I'm having a boy
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Hey momma, thank you for the suggestion. The hospital gave me a lil' squirty water bottle and told me exactly what you said. I also have a pain relief spray called Dermoplast (I think that's the name of It) that you spray on the area and surrounding area to "numb" It as well as witch hazel pads and Epifoam to keep It clean and keep 'em on my vag with the lips keepin' It In place with the foam on the witch hazel pads (sorry for tmi). I use ALL of those and still have that burn feelin'. But It was worth It for my baby boy.
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Looks like I'm going to invest in the products you have used just in case. I hope I don't
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Both my previous labors were a breeze. First a boy. Second a girl.
I had an epidural with both. Only down fall they both came early. My cervix ***** at holding weight :/
I expect this little one to be early as well.
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Angebelle, thanks for sharing; I hated being on my back delivering my first. I have been trying to think of alternatives and I think being on my side sounds much better.

My experience was much like Lanny's. I never did ask for the epidural, though, because my IV Stadol did work for me. Lanny, you're in Flagstaff, is that right? If so that could explain the similarities.
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My first delivery went very well. If I can offer any advice it would be make sure you are prepared. Read as much as you can on delivery and the options that are available to you at the hospital. Dont go in to it knaive be prepared for it to be a painful yet amazing experience. Im pregnant with my second and looking forward to the birth again :) in the end its worth every moment good abd bad!
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Ohh trust me I have read up on tons of information and watch a lot of birthing experiences. Its helps to hear full experiences from moms compared to just reading.
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