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im so fed up being pregnant already :-(

The title might make me sound like an ungrateful cow, but I'm not honestly I'm only 9weeks and its taken me a.long time to get here. But I'm so fed up with the excess burping, major gas and worst of all feeling hot all the time, I also get light bleeding at times making it hard to do things round the house and constantly having to take it easy.  I feel completely useless, headaches and exhaustion also aren't helping. I was overweight before I conceived and now i feel
even more of a whale :-(

Has anyone gone through any of the above that can give me some advice on how to get through the rest of this pregnancy feeling a bit better? I just want to cry I'm so exhausted and useless and fat :-(
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youll get a burst of energy from about 12 weeks, after ur scan ul see why you are doing this =) also sickness eases & ul start to get ur bump m& ul love your body. congrats =)
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I totally know how you fell. Im also overweight and now i feel like a total cow at times. As i can no longer see my feet and my belly sticks out past my bbs! For the first 12 weeks i was on strict pelvic rest and moderate bed rest with having 2 kids at home 24/7! Now i find out im on moderate bed rest the whole pregnancy with a 4 and 7 yr old plus the house to take care of. I know its a lot but you have to do what is best for baby. Im sure your partner does not feel this way about you. If you need to talk im always here to listen!
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Thanks very much guys :-) I'm hoping this burst of energy comes soon, I feel like the sofa is my new best friend :-)
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i feel the same way but not cz i feel tired or gas or being overweight as im very skinny. but iv had one baby and everything went fine but i lost a baby back in december and found out i have a uterus problem and im now nearly 18 weeks pregnant and im constantly in pain with my back and sides and doctors cant find out wa is wrong with me all i can do is rest through the rest of my pregnancy so im constantly sat or lay down and i feel bad then as i cant get yp and run around with my 2 year old as i end up in servere pain. so i have another 22 weeks of doing nothing and it dont help that my partner works nights and we only see him in the afternoon so i have to run a house and bring up a child to whilst im suppose to be resting. but iv so far had 3 scans cz of my uterus problem and i now have a scan on the 1st august and this is why im puttin up with all the pain that causes me to cry cz me and my partner tried for nearly a year to have another baby and after losing one baby we didn want to go through it again. trust me once you have had your 1st scan you will get excited and not mind doing what you have to, to keep your little one safe. congrats to
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Having a baby is a Blessing from God, that's what i blive. Also the preg journey is a mother's sacrifice. would you think again all these hardship when you have your baby in your arms? Trust in God, and never ever think that you are bored or fed up hving a baby n useless or fat. there are many people out there who r obese n cant get preg. among them you are the blessed n lucky one. and Im 100% sure that you will forget all these hadships once you see your baby in your arms. Now just smile and enjoy your journey. Good Luck :)
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I cant relate in every way but the exhaustion way...  I was so exhausted and still am at timess....  I have continued working and usually half way through the day I jusst would die...  I kept waiting for my energy boost to come and things got slightly better after 15 weeks but I still couldnt find the energy to do anything until after 25 weeks then lately i hae been getting some cleaning done...  but still afternoon naps make eerything easier.
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