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impending labor signs or normal?

I'm 34+1. Ok I'm going to try to explain all of this as best I can lol.
About a week and half to 2 weeks ago I started having more bh, no pattern, not painful, but they were happening more. Well after those I started having looser stools, not always diarrhea but sometimes it was. I go back and forth now with diarrhea to loose stools. Well around Monday I was having menstrual like cramps from above my pelvic bone up to a few inches under my belly button. Sitting didn't stop them, walking didn't help, bathing didn't help, and neither did laying down. I could get some ease of the severity of them when laying or bathing but it didn't take them away. Again these weren't constant and had no pattern so I didn't worry about it even though they hurt somewhat. I've had those types of cramps ever since with no pattern still and they aren't all day. They happen randomly. I also have been having a cramping feeling in my lower back again there's no pattern and they arent constant or timely. They also are not all day things.
Well along with all of those symptoms I've been getting nauseated randomly and it's bad enough were I ALMOST puke. I sometimes have to stop myself from puking. I've also been just randomly puking in my mouth and not like acid reflux where it just cones into your mouth, I literally have to clench my jaw shut to keep from puking on the floor. I've also been more cold lately and freeze out easier unlike before were I was sweating with air on and a fan.
Anyways last night I was having those cramps in my lower abdomen again and then I was sitting in bed getting ready to lay down when I had one horrible contraction. It felt like the menstrual cramps I've been having but more painful and this time it was up my whole abdomen and into my hips and lower back. My belly tighten and all of this happened for maybe 45-50 seconds. It took my breath away and I was dumb and tensed up, holding my breath, trying not to move lol. Well I didn't have another one like that again but I did have a few of those cramps in my lower pelvis again but they werent timely and didn't have a pattern.

Now I have a doctors appointment Thursday and I haven't called my doctor because my friends and family keep saying the cramps are just bh. I'm unsure as to what this all is because my bh have always felt like tightening and are hardly even noticeable to me never painful. Which I know they could change. I don't know I'm just unsure and am looking for experience from other people.

Thanks for reading it was long.
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Ive been getting the same thing. Its pretty normal near the end of pregnancy. Bh and te cramping are seperate things. The cramping your experiencing are contractions they are the early onset of labour which u can experience weeks before labour and some ladies dont get them until they go into labour. id definitely mention all this to your doctor tho as u may be strting to dialate. Ive been getting contractions my whole pregnancy but really bad since about 30 weeks. Keep an eye on it as it can turn into real labour. Otherwise this will prob just be the norm for you but cgances are ull do the firt stage of labour over the next few weeks which will speed up labour!
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Yep she's right I've been having bh since like 14 weeks and horrible cramps and really strong contractions since 20 weeks there hasn't been much of a pattern to mine either I'm 31+5 weeks today and I'm already dilated almost to 2cm my Dr just checked me two days ago what he told me was there's no way to stop the contractions that are happening randomly but if they become consistent go up to labor & delivery bcuz if is labor they can stop that so basically you just need to keep your eye on them keep paper and poem close by and if you notice more than 6 in an hour it's time to get up to l&d i knew all toys before he told me cuz i had started having contractions around 32 weeks with my daughter and son i was dilated to 4cm for a month before i actually went into labor though so even if you are dilating don't worry too much about it cuz it can take a while to really go into labor
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I hope something's going on so they wont think I'm just pulling this out of my butt. I'm nervous that nothings going on and that they'll think I'm just delusional lol. But if I dilate I hope its not much she needs more time in me. Thanks for the advice I haven't been really sure about what's going on with my body lately and this is my first baby so I'm more unsure as to what to expect or what's normal or what's not.
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