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irritated and confused

i was on the depo provera shot for 9 months, i have gone of it now for 3 months approx. i have missed 2 afs and i am getting some pain discomfort in lower part of stomach. i have tender breasts that hurt more when i take of my bra. i have no discharge, or any other symptons. i have an ingrown hair on my pubic hair line and i am unsure if this could be causing mu discomfort in my lower stomach. any advice would be appreciated. and i have been to the doctor. he is uncertain at this point and doesnt want to test too early for pregnancy, so i have to wait an extra week, i am so annoyed and irritated i feel at a loss with this and feel helpless. any advice comments would be great
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I would take a home pregnancy test yourself.  The doctor will either do a urine sample (which is the same as at home test) or a blood test.  If the home pregnancy test is positive, then I would call your doctor and ask him to confirm it with a beta hcg test (that will measure the exact amount of the pregnancy horomone in your body, anything >5 is considered pregnant).  I personally don't think it is too early to test, I tested a day after AF was due and it was positive.  So if you are pregnant from 2 months ago it will definitly show up.  Tender breasts could also be a sign of AF, I don't know about depo but I was on b/c pills and afer going off I got more increased PMS symptoms which can be confused with pregnancy symptoms.  So test away!
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I have been off Depo-Provera for 11 months now and still haven't conceived.  Every month i have the same symptoms you are describing and every month i have the same negative result.  I was also told afetr i came off the injection it could take me anything from a year to 2 years to conceive.  all i'm saying is i really don't think you are pregnant but best of luck to you if you are trying

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I too had increased symtpoms after coming off of the depo shot - I was positive I was pregnant but ended up not so because my AF showed up right on schedule. I would take a hpt if I were you. Good luck and I hope it is what you are wishing for!!
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I was on the depo provera shot for 3 years, I've now been off of it for approx. 1 year and still haven't conceived.  I experienced the exact same symptoms when I first got off of it.  I couldn't even do anything without my breasts hurting.  Do they feel like they were used for punching bags?  I also experienced the worst cramps in my life when my period came for the first time.  Ever since it has been on schedule.  I was told by my Dr. that it can take up to 1 year for everything to regulate and be back on track.  Then you have a possibility of conceiving.  If you are still concerned, take a HPT to find out.  Otherwise I agree with KM604, a blood test would give you the most accurate answer!  GOOD LUCK!!
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thankyou ladies. all advice well received. i have taken a hpt and it was neg. so not really thinking pregnant, but i was hoping so. my doc does feel i am not also. my cramps i get in my stomach are not so severe, but can be irritating and evry now and then i feel like i am going to be sick. my doc did say that it could take a while, for me to get back to normal after being on depo shot. i did not realise that it would take so long to get back to normal though. any advice while waiting.

one more thing am i being selfish for wanting another one so soon, already having 3 kids. i really do want more, and feel like i am already my stomach feels weird, and i was hoping so. any advice will be great for this. thankyou again ladies.
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