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is getting induced bad?

i am 38w3d today and i am getting induced july 26th so i will be 40w2d. i asked the nurse at my doctors office if it was dangerous for the baby and she said no. but everywhere i look on the internet everyone is saying they wished they had never been induced that it was so awful and risk for c-section goes up when you get induced. now i'm scared to death!!!
im very little so i figured i would be having a c-section anyways. but if you have been induced, did it harm the baby in anyway or anything like that?
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and yesterday at my appointment i wasnt dialated.
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I was induced with all three of my past deliveries and all my babies where fine and my delivery went fine. I am baby number four and most likely will be induced for number four if ur body isn't ready it may take a lil longer for induction but it's just as risky as a normal delivery.  trust in dr you will be ok good luck
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I was induced with both my pregnancies, the first at 39 weeks and the second at 38 weeks, and with both I had normal vaginal deliveries and healthy babies.
There is evidence that the risk of needing a c-section becomes greater with induction, because basically, you're trying to get your body to do something it's not yet prepared to do. It is not uncommon for a woman to go up to 42 weeks gestation with very few to zero health issues for both yourself and baby, and usually by 42 weeks if no progress is being made then considering induction is the healthiest option.
This is something that ultimately is your choice, and consulting with your OB about your concerns. If there is a reason you want to induce for non-medical reasons, then that is your right, and if there are medical reasons, then an induction is probably the best way to go rather than waiting for nature to take its course. But if you just don't want to go through with the induction because there is no need for it other than it being something your doctor wants to schedule for their own convenience, then you also have the right to refuse an induction.
However you choose, an induction is no more of a risk to the baby's health than a natural labor and delivery.
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i am like the post above was induced with all 3 of my babies when i was overdue and despite my first labour being a bit hairy as my daughter was back to back. i delivered all 3 vaginally with no need for c-section. the only thing i have heard women who have gone into labour naturally and been induced say is, that induction is more painful as the medicine can speed up contractions...i say labour is labour, it's painful whatever, but so worth the outcome!!
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First, why are they inducing you?  Second HOW are they inducing you?

I've been induced with pitocin.  Labor was no different for me than it was with my pregnancies than ended with spontaneous labor.  My deliveries are also VBACs which increase the risk of repeate c-sections in addition to the risks from induction.  Never had an issue.

I was also naturally induced via breaking of my water.  I was almost 2 cms and my doctor used the hook to break the sac and labor kicked in...my daughter was born less than 9 hours later.  

It also depends on if you've labored before.  

Anytime you introduce medication into your body it poses risks for the baby.  However, the medications used to induce have been used on millions of women and very few have had adverse affects, so the risks there are small.  As for risks of c-section, the theory behind that is based on the belief that medication induced contractions are stronger and more intense or that labor can stall.  

*I* personally do not regret either of my inductions.  Neither was any harder than a "normal" labor, from start to finish they were may be a little longer but only because I was already in the hospital when it started, with my other labors I stayed home for most of it.
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I was induced (pitocin and breaking my water) with both of my pregnancies and had 2 normal uncomplicated deliveries - I am sure all will be well..... Talk to your Dr about any concerns you have.
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I have had 2 inductions out of 6 babies.  Mine were elective, to ensure my own doctor was there.  Both of mine were fine without complications.  All of my deliveries have been vaginal.

I can't say this for sure, but I would think that the highest risk for a c-section BECAUSE of an induction, would be if it is your first baby, simply because your body has never given birth before.  I don't think the pitocin would do it.  The epidural MIGHT if given too early.  But it very well might not, as you have seen many success stories posted here, of ladies who have been induced w/ the first babies, and had no problems with it.  A lot simply depends on how you are induced but mostly on your own individual body.  We are all different all respond differently to different things.

If you are not comfortable w/ an induction, I'd tell your doctor that you prefer to go into labor on your own.  You could also allow a "natural" induction like the breaking of your waters or a membrane sweep.  There are non medicated ways to kick start labor.

The most important thing to do, is to do whatever you are comfortable with.  It is good you are getting other people's experiences and doing some research so you can make an informed decision.
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I've heard that being induced is a lot more painful and intense.  However, my mom was induced with my brother and she said it was no worse than when she had my sister and I.  (All natural.)  They also say you will need an epidural when you get induced.  My mom didn't.  (She didn't have one with any of us.)  What she liked best, she said, is with getting induced she was done with my brother in 2 hours, start to finish.

P.S.  My brother is perfectly fine.
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Just wanted to add, I have never had an epidural with my 3 either, never liked the idea of a needle in my back. I didn't have quick labours either, my dd took 18 1/2 hours, ds1 took 9 1/2 hours and ds2 5 1/2 hours , would be nice if this one improved on the 5 1/2!
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Hey, I wouldn't worry to much, I was induced and i had a normal delivery and baby was fine =)
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I wasn't dilated when I was induced…I was effaced about 20%
They gave me cervidel to ripen my cervix over the 9 hours I was there during the night and potocin in the morning…by 1p.m. I had my daughter with no complication
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Oh, that's absolutely true.  You DO NOT have to get an epidural.  My comments were only IF you decide on one.  
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I only said that you had to have an epidural because I saw a documentary called The Art Of Being Born and they said that you usually do.

DON'T watch that documentary unless you want the wits scared out of you!
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