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is this normal ???

Im 37 weeks just had an appointment  today they checked me for dilation i was 3cm but later on during  the day had bad cramps also lots of clear discharge is that normal  
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Yeah. Ur close in delivering... How exciting... Hope all is well...its called mucus something. Lol congrats.
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Awww thank you i was just worried im so excited  myself im having a baby girl
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You can often get cramping after a pelvic exam. And 3cm is great 2 more and youll be in considered in labor. Walk walk walk squat squat squat
Lol walk walk walk squat squat squat u almost made me pee myself laughing t.y. tho
Haha thats funny i wasnt even trying to be funny it was a serious suggestion. Youre welcome. Staying active can really only help you right now. But dont push it. Oh and sex if you can.
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Yea i heard about sex and walking the squats is new tho and thank you im goin to start walking its just its so hot where i live it gets annoying but thank you very much ill do a lil bit of squats  to i shoukd be fine i was very active  b4 i got pregnant wish me luck lets see how much squats i can do wit out gettin winded
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I drank castor oil... worked both times
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Castor oil ? And that helps with wat ???
I took castor oil woth my last one and it worked. I didnt suggest it because a lot of women wont take it. Its a very strong oil laxatkve that causes irritation to your bowels and can cause you to go into labor and start contractions. The reason some women wont take it is because it can be dangerous becaise if you take too much you can get sick and get diarrhea really bad and get dehydrated and end up in the hospital. But if you take it properly and safely then it has been an effective way to induce labor since ancient egypt times. If you decide to try it i can let you know how i took it.
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Well im 38 weeks today nothing yet ill take u up on the castor oil plz let me know
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castor oil is dangerous to your baby. Can make your baby have a bowel movement while still in utero and can cause complications at birth or even death
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Wow really its crazy how sum thing so small can cause so much damage  i guess im not so interested  in it knowing my luck sum thing bad will happen ill just wait im almost done ne ways ty for da info
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If your baby is going to poop its going to and castor oil doesnt cause it but it can cause dehydration if taken improperly. And can also make you sick if taken improperly. Its a method used since ancient times. But its your choice obviously. If it made baby poop then my son wouldve pooped and my sisters daughter would have and she took castor oil twice before she gave birth it didnt work for her though and she didnt have her daughter for another week.
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I understand nd it is true if ur baby is goin to poop it will  but i have such bad luck at times dat id b scared for myself ty very much tho
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