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itchy red bumps on vulva

For about a month now ive been having vaginal itching. It started as light itching with some discharge that was slightly grayish/brownish, it was also a little sore when walking or sitting a certain way. I thought it was a yeast infection so I tried the Monistat treatment, though I never been diagnosed with a yeast infection before. The symtoms seemed to go away for about a week.. then it came back. Now I have red bumps around the vulva and vaginal opening that are severly itchy.. I also have white discharge now, but its thick..not watery at all. These symtoms are becoming very uncomfortable to the point where I cant sleep at night because of the severe itch..and its bothersome during the day too. I have never been to the gyno, and I am really uncomfortable going :( Is there anything I can do at home.. I have no idea what the problem may be. Also, I am not sexually active. Please Helppp

sorry for posting here, no space in the other one
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If you were sexually active, I would say definetly go to the gyno. Your discharge sounds like what I have before I start my period.  I will give you some helpful hints that may help for you.  Do not scratch!! This could only make things worse and spread bacteria around.  Instead, use a cold washcloth and hold to it.  This will help with the itch.  Are you staying really moist?  Reason I am asking is b/c this may be giving you that itchy feeling.  Try to stay as dry as possible is what helps me.  Also, do you a femine wash?  I have found that summer's eve help keep everything clean and does not bother those o so sensitive spots. These things will only provide a little relief, but a only a doctor can tell you what is wrong.  Even your regular doctor may be able to help you out if you don't want to go to the gyno.  I would suggest going to the gyno though.  It is not as bad as you may think, and besides, you should have an annual checkup anyway.
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Hiya yes i aggree go to your drs you may have an infection,if you dont get it sorted now you could have problems later,best of luck..dont worry about going to the gyno,they see all sorts of people,it could also be due to a reaction to somthing,have you changed your soap,bath gel,anything like that can cause an infection..
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