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just a questions

hey ladies it's me again. i am just posting becuase my cat keeps following me around. she is about maybe 3 or 4 years old and everywhere i go she goes. this is new she never used to follow me around. if i'm in the shower she will come and sit by the door if i'm at my desk online she is right under it by my feet. if i'm in the kitchen she right there. is this nmormla behavior. i am ttc. just curious. now i am fertile as of today will ovulate on dec 4-5. out of now where i feel so queasy to me stomach. just in the last three minutes. i had to actually get up out of the bed and post onmnline to you guys.i'm in good spirits. any hoo just babbling. thanks in advance for all who reply back.
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I don't know how to help except to suggest you post this question in the small animals forum on this website. Maybe someone there will know what to do....  That said, I hope you find some answers!
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I have three small dogs.  about the size or smaller than cats.  Each animal is different but all animals are more sensitive to  smells than we are.  One of my dogs is always constantly near me but the other two are much more independant.  The reason I am posting is that I when I was first pregnant my male independant dog became much more attentive towards me and would want to sit with his head on my stomach when I was home.  My female dog would also always keep her eyes on me and sit as close to me as possible.  Usually they are  in other parts of the house doing their own thing.

Now this month both of these dogs started doing the same thing so I kind of had a clue that I would be pregnant and guess what  yesturday I got a BFP!!! So who knows maybe your cat senses early ovulation or even something more.  I would BD as much as possible these next few days.  

Also  not to bring anyone down but the day I lost my daughter my girl dog went and stayed in the corner giving me the weirdest look.  That day when I left for work I keep thinking I hope she is ok ( she is kind of geriatric)  Anyway during that very drive I started to feel very very bad  and my coworker took me to the hospital where we found out the terrible news.

Anyway all I am trying to say in this long post is pay attention to our pets.  They know more about us than we do.  Well some of them do anyway.  My other dog is kind of oblivious and wants to be the center of attention 24/7

Good luck and SSBD  to you
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thanks ladies
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I think pets know something. We took in this cat that my neighbor abandoned. It hated me but loved my fiance. Well, all of a sudden, she started to follow me around and I knew something wasn't right. I thought I just smelled like cat food. I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. It amazed me because this cat would scratch me anytime I came  near my DF. Then she wouldnt let him near me.
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I heard a wise tell that if someone is pregnant if a cat stays around that person or in vicinty I dont know how true that is...but good luck
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thanks ladies.
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