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just for fun.. tell me your stories!

Okay this is just for fun... How far along were you when you realized you were pregnant.. Babies are on the mind now due to me and my husband are ttc. So tell me your stories on how you found out and how far along you were when you discovered it.. also did you get negatives before 5 weeks? I have heard many tales on how women would get negatives on 3 and 4 weeks but the 5th and 6th week behold they are pregnant.. tell me your stories! I would love to hear them all and look forward to them!
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Lol I thought I couldn't have babies because I had one year trying until this august i got a yeast infection hubby start ed getting morning sickness and told me to take a test we moved to his brother s house for just a week took a pregnancy test and cried of joy seeing a positive. I was having dreams of babies to before I knew I was preggo had friends text me telling me they dreamt with me being pregoo I found out at 7 weeks :). Im 13w5d know  
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Me and my husband were trying to conceive since nov 2011. I didn't think I was ever going to get pregnant. I lost my grandfather back in July of this year. Well I went out of state to attend the funeral. I conceived the day after I got back. I am now 17 weeks pregnant. My mind was so distracted about losing my grandpa I stopped thinking about having a baby and it worked <3
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I found out i was pregnant the week after i missed my period. I didn't even want to take the test. But I'm glad i did. I was 5 weeks when i found out..im now 16 weeks. And i already love my child. I'm justready for baby to be here already.
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You know that is so true.. I was pregnant twice before but sadly miscarried on both.. but both were when I stopped obsessing and one day realized.. hey I haven't had my period...
I am sorry for your loss how ever. It is hard to loose a love one.. But I am happy for your story of your little one..Idk if your spirtual or not but maybe its your grandfathers way of letting you move on by sending you a little angel after he left. >.< Congrats and bless you
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I found out at 10dpo, so about 3 1/2 weeks! :)
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I had miscarried my twins on August 5, 2012. I was very heartbroken and so was my fiancé.. In September I had a normal period and decided that we weren't going to try, but we weren't going to take measures to prevent pregnancy. Well October rolls around and I realize, I still haven't had my period. So while my fiancé is at work I decide to sneak off to the store and buy a PT. well, about 10 minutes before he arrives home, I take it and have just enough time to read the positive results, break down on my knees and cry before he walks in... He instantly knew and was overly excited.. When I put two and two together I realized I was 6w 2d when I found out we were expecting(: I am now 8w 2d!!!!
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I realized I was pregnant very very early it was two weeks before I had even missed my period and I only thought I was BC I threw up one morning before work so I took three tests and all were positive with two very strong pink lines :D I immediately downloaded an app to see for fas along I was and I was three weeks!! We weren't trying but we feel so blessed to have this gift and even tho we hadn't started trying we were talking about trying so it worked out perfectly :) good luck girl!!!!
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Me n my bf found out after going out on a date for our 1 1/2 years together. We were drinking amongst other things, and when I went to sit my drink a$$ on the toilet I saw a preggers test in the cabinet and just took it (11pm). When the result was positive I sobered up really quickly, ran to tell him the good news, dumped my drink in the sink, threw out my grits, and by the time midnight rolled around I couldn't wait to go to Walmart and get more tests, after a few more positives I couldn't have been any happier, I was 5wks 2dys. Good luck conceiving. I am now 16w 3d
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I went to he nurse to get my deppo injection, it was my second one, i was on cerazette before, both that and the deppo stopped my periods (or so i thought) i told the nurse my nipples were changing loads n asked if this was a side effect of the deppo, she said we should do a pregnancy test just incase and were both laughing that it was probably a waste of test since id been on the pill for over 12 months n had no periods!! Well when it came up positive me and the nurse were in shock.... more so when i went for a scan a couple weeks later n found out i was 20w + 4d!!!! Im now 30w + 6d and still sometimes find it hard to believe, my little girl is obviously one determind little spud!! X
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I found out at 5 weeks. I was spool fatigued and went potty at least 25 times a day for like a week straight, also my boobies were hurting like crazy. So it was about 10 at night and I told ny bf to go Walmart and buy me a test. I sort of knew, I just wanted validation. Took it , came up pos in like 10 seconds. Now Im almost 19 with a baby bump.
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I almost knew instantly I was pregnant. I woke up one day and said I am pregnant. It was early on when I felt different. Ftm. It was too early too test. But I ended up testing 3 days before my missed period and got a strong positive. I took about 4 more home test and then I went to the doctors for a test to confirm. I will be 18wks tomorrow and I find out today what I am having hopefully baby isnt being stubborn like at every other ultrasound lol.
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I went in for birth control n i found out i was pregnant. My boyfriend knew before i even got a chance to tell him ..as soon as i pulled up he was like "i bet you just found out your preg."it it was funny.
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I got one moment of "I'm gonna puke" (but didn't) a week after my period was due. Went to docs that night for a lab test and was positive. That was at 5 weeks. I waited to tell my husband since I found out 2 weeks before our wedding and we weren't trying. I'm now 30 + 3 and can't wait til she's here!
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I was already 10 Weeks pregnant when I found out. My Hubby kept telling me he thought I was,pregnant lol I didn't believe him but I started to get curious......and took the test and in total shock I was preggo just like he said but ill never know how he knew
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I realized I was pregnant when I make a toaster scrambler and spit it out because I found it disgusting when I normally love them. About five minutes later my husband and I ran into eachother and I was nearly in tears because my breasts hurt so bad..we weren't trying but we are so excited I found out at five weeks and now I only have 12 days left(: 38+2((:
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With both of mine I knew a few days before I missed my period...I had no symptoms of my period at all so I was around 3-4 weeks and the test was a bright positive.
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