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just wondering what this is!

sorry i have ANOTHER question!! :) but ive noticed whenever i have BH contractions that i have two fairly large bumps when my uterus tightens. i kinda assumed this was probably the baby's head and butt, but now i'm not so sure im right about that although i dont know what else it could be.. any ideas / does anyone else notice this?
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Hi i'm am almost 100% certain it is your bubba's head and but this is my 6th pregnancy with 1 mc, and my little munchkins used to always try and push themselves through my stomach but after a few seconds of rubbing they would go back down.
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I agree, it's probably just baby parts.  I get that all of the time.  Sometimes my kids have pushed so hard against the outside of my uterus that it FELT like a BH when it was really just them pushing out.  Like nessa said rubbing or a little gentle poke usually made them move.
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well one bump might be her butt but she's head down the doctor just confirmed today! so her head wouldn't be above my hip on the left side..
maybe its her back haha and her butt?
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could be a fist and butt....or like my daughter, it could be one foot stretched waaaay down and one stuck waaay up by my stomach...she was a little contortionist. and when she fell asleep she would bury her feet against my kidney (which didn't help when I was 34wks and passing kidney stones, ahem) and stick her butt out so far in the front that (no joke) you could see the butt completely defined and feel her butt-crack by rubbing your hand over it..it was so weird. she still sleeps like that. the only way I know I wasn't crazy was that when I was hospitalized for the stones they got several pictures of her doing this, and they even got a picture from the kidneys showing her feet pushing into them...it was really funny.

but yeah I'm voting fist and butt, LOL
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haha wow thats nuts lol i wish i knew exactly what she was doing i would love to be able to see through my tummy to her..i  dont know how you figured it out but that is cool! it's so hard for me to determine what she's doing.
but the bump is BIG..big like a butt..thats what i initially thought head but now i know its not. but its too big to be her fist. actually what i am starting to think is that its just a portion of my uterus that is tightening as opposed to the whole thing..it feels rather squishy when im not having a contraction so that's my best guess at this point. the other bump is pretty much always there if i poke around for it. :)
as far as i know i dont have any strange growths inside of me LOL (i think that would have been detected on an ultrasound)..it would just be neat to know exactly what each bump and poke is. :)
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