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kidney stones anyone? lucky me

Well i started to have regular cramps and pain yesterday morning and was very worried about a possible early labor. Although my stomach was not tightening like with contractions i was having pain that started in my back and worked it's way around to my belly and then travelled down my right leg.  They were comming at regular intervals and lasting 1 minute or so.  Anyway i called my doc and they said to come in and get checked out.  Once there they checked my cervic and all was great - long, hard and closed just like it should be at 26 weeks.  They also did an ultasound and baby was doing fine.  So i did a urine test and results came back that i have a kidney stone (supposed to be the second most painful experience next to child birth) lucky me to experience them both so close together.  Anyway my doc thinks it is just a small one and will hopefully pass on its own but said if the pain continues to get an ultrsound or if the pain is very bad go to emergency.  My question is if the pain is really bad can they give me anything to help cope that is safe in pregnancy or will i even know if have passed it?  Has anyone ever had this during their pregnancy and do you know if it effects the baby in any way?  I did some research and it said that if it doesn't pass if can cause permenant kidney damage or even failure and i was wondering how i will know if it doesn't pass.  I am assuming i would get some pain when it does or more pain like before if it growns or continues to cause problems inside but don't know to much else.  Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated please.
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thats good that your not in early labour! Bad that you have kidney stones...sorry your having to go through that hun..and actually i have heard from some women that its worst then childbirth!! I dont think it will affect baby in anyway....and more then likley it will pass on its own!! God willing its really going to hurt tho!! I hope it dont hurt so much for you but they say when you have kidney stones you should drink lots and ltos of cranberry juice and it helps to flush them out easier so...Drink lots of that and good luck hun!! keep me posted!
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demoral and vikaden are both available for pregnant women, i would ask your doc for some immedietly, your gonna need ti to take teh edge off! demoral is safer than vikaden and  imo works better! good luck and what cruddy timing for you jeez!
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I was just recently in the ER for suspected kidney stones, they did an u/s of my kidneys and didn't find any but my docotor said that doesn't mean there wasn't one.  He was going to give me painkillers at first but after spending five hours in the ER the pain did start subsiding so he opted for Tylenol at this point (wasn't sure what he would of given me instead) and he said that unfortunatley the treatment for stones is pain relief and LOTS and LOTS of water and waiting for it to pass. This really stinks for you and hopefully it will pass soon. My pain has come and gone but nothing compared to what it was that day - I am also on strict bedrest and wondering if it is more related to back spasms and positioning as opposed to stones. Good luck to you
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I suffer from kidney stones... they suck, but I have a high pain tolerance and opt not to take anything.  Yes, they hurt... but if you think about how the pain won't last forever, it helps.  And, the stones would have to be pretty large for them to cause kidney damage.  Just so you know, most of the time kidney stones resolve themselves.  They will break down in the kidneys and most of the time you won't even know you are passing them.  Even the slightest stone can cause pain while in the kidney, but once it is broken down you won't even know you passed it.  Be careful about how much info you pull from the internet... many times the info is referring to a worse case scenario.  Talk to your doctor and they will reassure you that it should break down on its own and be passed.  If it is large, then I might get some pain meds if you don't handle pain well.  Good luck and the pain won't last forever :)  Promise!
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thankyou all for your responses they were very reassuring - I was just wondering if i haven't had any pain for the last two days does this mean I have passed it and the initial pain was me passing it or it breaking down or is it maybe just laying dormant waiting to start causing trouble again?  I haven't had an u/s as my doc said only to if the pain continues and as it hasn't (as of yet) so i have not had the u/s done, if the only reason he diagnosed it at kidney stones was from my description of the pain and red blood cells in my urine test could he have been wrong and it be something else (i know urine infections cause blood in wee (i have had no visible evidence of this) but i have no stinging, smelly discharge ect) Any other ideas?
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