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ladies who have aleady experienced birth... how do contractions feel?

So I'm only 21 weeks, I'm due Dec 20th and Im super nervous about the feeling of contractions. I hear its excruciating pain, couple ppl went into shock... I'm really not looking forward to that, plus I have heart palpitations...only last for a sec & been told its normal, but what if your heart palpitates during labor OMG Lol >.<
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Honestly they hurt. They are not screaming bad like.you see these tv shows of women giving.birth. They are.not.pleasant but if.you go in with the way you want thing set in your.mind and just breath and focus though them then you will be fine. I would suggest not having a lot.of people coming.in and it of your room while.in labor. The more distractions the less you will be able to keep your game Facebook and focus.
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Gameface not Facebook. On my phone and it.has auto correct.
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Every woman and pregnancy is different, and this is my second baby. For me, with my first, the contractions weren't terrible just noticeable and I knew right away that's what it was. They started at 8 mins apart and pretty much every 15 mins they got closer together, in a hour they were down to 4 mins apart, and they did get stronger as they got closer but still not that bad. Although everyone I know says I have a high pain tolerance lol but even when i got to the hospital and was 4 cm, that's when i started to feel the pain.
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Thanks u guys...so I know I need to focus and have my game/Facebook face on lol jk I thought that was too funny...I said to myself I doubt ima be worried about Facebook but my phone does mistakes all the time. But ima just pray & ask God for strength :)
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To be honest everyone is different. They told me at the hospital when I thought I was in labor that real contractions you can't walk or talk through. Well when I went I was 6cm dilated and 100% affaced. Anyways I worked while having contractions and they hardly hurt. It felt like period cramps. I didn't feel any real discomfort till they broke my water.
My sister could walk and talk through hers too, the nurses tried to say she couldn't be in labor.
I hope your labor goes smoothly!
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I know right, they told me that too and i still walked and talked through a few when i was at the hospital cuz they had me walk around with my hubby for an hour to make sure I was really in labor (I was LOL) but yeah, I don't think they should say that about everyone cuz were all different.
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Wow,can't walk or talk through... That's nerve wrecking, but hopefully I can walk & talk...when do they give u an epidural? Do u hve to be a certain cm or what?
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I'm jealous...first two kids and ..omg..excruciating!  I am a Marine and a Muay Thai fighter and yet contractions were the worst pain I've ever felt....I felt like I could bend metal squeezing so hard when they came. I hurdled up on the floor crying every time one came. But that's when your  few hours from pushing. But jeez
...talk about pain! I'm 28w 3d....3rd child baby girl  (2 boys 3&4yrs)..and I'm scared already for the pain again.
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Epidural has to be before 8 cm but slightly before I think...think lol I almost missed it both times.
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I had my epidural at 3cm. My water broke on it's own. I had 3 contracrions after my water broke and I was screaming. I mean screaming so loud I am surprised if the whole floor didn't hear me. I got the epidural and was still feeling pressure of the babies head with every contraction. The contractions before my water broke weren't bad. I know everyone says you'll know when you're in labor and I hated hearing that crap but hunny it is sooo true! Just trust your body.
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For me it just started off like cramps and then they got stronger and hurt like hell honesty , I got no epidural was in labor 11 hours and pushed for 20 min I got lucky but it hurt :/ and I got stitches and I felt everything
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To be honest i didnt feel them for a long time... i was dilated to a 3 by the time i started feeling them and everyone is differnt. Apparently i have a high pain tollerance but once they started getting worse i felt them and i actually delt with them by pressing on my leg where my hip joint was. I know sounds silly but it was almost like pain defferance i think. Like i was trying to make the pain go elsewhere. Also some women have back labor and thankfully i didnt have any of that. It was all in my lower tummy and then down my legs a tiny bit... dont be scared of it tho. Your body will do what its supposed to and you will figure out a way to get thru the contractions that works for you.. i didnt do any of the breathing techniques i was taught but just slow breathed thru the whole labor. Hope that all makes sense.
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I got the epidural at 8cm but it waa right after they broke my water.. and to be honest i think b y the time they were finished with the epidural i was at 10 cuz i felt like i needed to push. But take a bath if you can as the water seems to help relax you. And even laboring on the toilet isnt horrible.. i never walked around because my labor went so fast... 8 hours and 20 minutes for my first baby and she was out!
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