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leaking and pregnant

Hi Dr,

Just wanting to have your opinion on my current situation. I have had two miscarriages my first at 24 weeks and my second at 19 weeks. My first was female and my second male. Basically i was diagonised with having an incompentant cervixs. Im currently 18 weeks pregnancy I have had a a cervical sitch put in at 13 weeks as i was pregnant with twins however one passed at 9 weeks with one a vial pregnancy. My question is that currently im having a water like discharge and wondering if this is anything to worry about? i was contracting last week but dr has put me on adalat three times a day as well as an antibotic. i thankyou for your time.
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I am really sorry for your losses.  I am no professional but with my first child who was born at 31 weeks I too had a water like discharge, I ignored it then 2 days later my waters broke and I went into labour, I believe that the discharge was my amniotic fluid leaking meaning impending labour, so, with your history I would certianly get it checked up.  Best of luck to you
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Absolutely contact your doctor today and tell him/her what is happening. It could just be a discharge, but it also could be amniotic fluid leaking.  

Only your doctor can tell the difference.  Good luck.
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I am also having the same problem. I have been having water discharge that is slighty yellow and its been happening for about 3 weeks now. I am only 19weeks pregnant and I called my doctor and she told me to go to the Emergency room I did and all they checked was the baby on an ultrasound. That was 3weeks ago and its still happening. They never gave me an answer on what it was. Please help me out!
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Do you know if they checked your cervix to see if it was opening?  Be aware of any labour pains.  I was at work all day and felt uncomfortable and the hospital said it was pelvic spasms and to take pain killers, 2 hours later my daughter was born..  Just note any changes and don't be afraid to call your doctor or visit emergency, I was concerned not to be a panicker and have false alarms not realising there really was something happeing.  It all turned out ok thankfully.
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No they didnt check my cervix or anything! Thats what I was concerned about. All they did was look at the baby on an ultrasound and tell me that it was still moving. The leaking has been going on for about 3 weeks so do you think I would be in labor already? I am a huge panicker so anything will help. I think I am going to call my Doctor again today and demand answers.
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Well I am only speaking from personal experience and I don't think it is a 'normal' part of pregnancy to leak fluid so early.  Maybe visit your doctor or midwife and suggest they do an internal just to see if the cervix is opening, if anything, to put your mind at rest as you don't want to spend the next few months worrying.  I remember reading in books if you have these symptoms it says go straight to A&E, so, they won't think you are being silly, where babies are concerned it's serious stuff.  Good luck and let me know what the doc or midwife say.
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Hey! Well I went to the Doctor yesterday and they checked my cervix. They said that it does not look as if I ruptured my membranes and that evrything looks fine! They said the reason is that I am just very moist and wet because of the pregnancy! So everything is fine I think! Thnk you!
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Thank goodness, glad to hear it.  Worth going just for the peace of mind.
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MY GODDNESS that is a heart wrenching experience i bet ... that nearly broke my heart just reading it . that is not normal please get checked .. and i am so so sorry to read about ur experiences
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Ya I was really worried. I still am but Im just a worrier! I dont know how to stop worrying. I am just really concerned about every little thing... and now they tell me I have a cyst!
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I strongly suggest you call and see your regular OB/GYN; especially with your history.  You could possibly have a slow leak of your amniotic fluid which I would assume could result in a miscarriage or dry birth.  But you are in no way ready to give birth considering how far along you are.  I think the earliest a baby can survive outside the womb is at about 26 or 27 weeks.  Emergency room doctors are terrible in my opinion.  I have never had good experiences with them nor has anyone I know.  Their main purpose is to put a band aid on you until you can see your regular doctor.  I just had my 5th baby in June.  I slipped and fell one Sat. morning in April and didn't call the emergency numberfor my Dr.  I just called my him Monday morning.  I was having a few contractions but of course Braxton Hicks happen all the time especially when you are only a couple of months away from your due date.  He sent me immediately to Labor & Delievery for observation.  He wanted to make sure the baby wasn't in any distress.  Because he did that, I really felt like I should have called right when I took the fall but I didn't.  It all turned out just fine, but it just as easily could have harmed my unborn my child without me knowing.  Please get this checked and let us know what your doctor says.
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