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leaking fluids?

Im 37wks and little man is doing absolutely amazing, so good, that last week the Dr told me I culd start "coaxing" him to come.. I figured walking, sex, and bouncimg.on an excercise ball wuld help him to get ready (thanks for the advice on my last post about that), well weve been super busy, so all ive been able to do is walk walk walk!! but ive noticed the past like 3 days that my underwear is getting wet at random times... ive been habing contractions, just not close enough together to count for anything... I looked googled and alot of.ppl said 2 dif things... That it cukd be amniotic fluid leaking, or just a greater amount of discharge... Its extremely watery, so I wasnt sure if it was duscharge... Ive alredi been to the hospital NC I thot something was wrong, but turned out baby and I were extremely healthy n I was just paranoid, so I felt rele stupid.. so I was curious of what everyone thought b4 I made another trip tonight...?
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Never feel stupid about going to the hospital if you think something is wrong or you want to be on the safe side you did the right thing love..iv read if its amniotic fluid it won't smell but if it discharge it ment to smell this is my first so all I can say is what iv read from other people..but if you think it's amiotic fluid then I'd go back to the hospital even of it is a wasted trip it's better to be safe for your own peace of mind they won't mind you going to get checked out as they understand and get loads of ladies going in with the something but the no you just need you mind put at rest and to no baby is ok..keep is posted love xx
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Im 36+5 and i have been wondering the same thing my discharge is the same and i thort a few times that i may be leaking fluid but when i went in i wasnt and it was just watery discharge so i havent been in this time round put a pad on to see what couler it comes out on the pad and to see how wet it gets
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Don't ever feel stupid I'm 38 weeks and have had alot more of a watery discharge. I go for non stress test and last week the nurse while checking me even noticed.she actually tested it to make sure it wasnt fluid but better safe then sorry right!!? If your worried go in and check!
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I would go to the hospital. Wen my mom was pregnant wit my brother she started leaking amniotic fluid nd my bro almost died. He had a 20% chance of living. He had to stay in the nicu for 2 weeks but.he.did make it. Just better to b safe than sorry.
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