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losing weight ?

Has anyone lost weight during pregnancy? Is it normal and why does it happen? Ive lost 6 pounds since ive goten pregnant i am not 4 and a half months and have a flat belly still i had no nausia at all and eat healthy and regularly.
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I lost 20pound in the half of my pregnancy with baby#1 due to morning sickness
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Oh wow jajaa thats like one of my friemds she was very nautious too
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I've been losing weight and I'm 10 weeks
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Definitely. It's mostly because of morning sickness. Just in case, check with your doctor! I knew a girl who had not gained after 27 weeks and it was very dangerous. She was also a very small girl though.
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I have no morning sickness at all during my whole pregnancy :p wow ya thats alot to gain in little time
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I lost weight in all my trimesters.
I'm 35 weeks and finally gaining weight steadily.  
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i lost sooooo much weight in my first trimester. i was always so super sick! like even seeing any type of food id have to run to a bathroom and puke. now I'm 24 weeks almost 25 and gained one whole pound! lol I gained just what the baby weighs but my belly is noticeable and people believe I'm pregnant now. lol
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Hey I am 14 weeks 6days I've lost 11 pounds since I was 6 weeks !! But I don't really eat as much and I have really bad sickness  my prenatal pills also make me really sick to my stomach
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Im 22+4 and i have lost 6 pounds, and have a huge baby belly
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And i eat non stop
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15.4 Weeks And Lost 17 Lbs
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I lost 27 pounds in my first trimester and only gained 10 pounds throughout my whole pregnancy all baby as long as your baby make weight you will be fine but still talk to your doctor....my daughter takes all the food .lol
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Im 40 weeks today
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14 wks and I have lost 22 lbs so far. Steadily losing about a lb a week now. My doc says it's fine and I'm only allowed to gain 11 total anyway throughout my pregnancy due to family history and my being a bit heavy to begin with. So the more i lose before my third trimester the better. I got a referral to see a dietitian though so I could be sure my diet was on track and healthy for me and the baby.
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Oh wow im not the only one the doctors look at me so weird when i tell them im 4 and a half months hate it as long as everyones healthy :)
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This is my second pregnancy and im 9 months pregnant and have only put 3 pounds on. I keep losing weight, I burn it off faster then I can keep it on, but my belly is growing and baby is perfect. Its normal for your weight to move around up or down Good luck :)
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