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lost my baby at 22 weeks

i lost my baby boy 1 week agohe was born on the 16/6/2010 i had normal pregnancy all was fine in all my scan i just went into early labour he sadly died one houre after he was born.. why did i go into early labour ..?? has it happen anyone els??? can anyone help??
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I'm so sorry you are going through this.  Unfortunately these things do happen.  Without knowing specifics there's no way any of us could even give you an opinion as to why you went into early labor. It would be best for you to sit down with your doctor and talk to him/her.  Again I'm very sorry for your loss :( I know what it's like to lose a child, I lost my first son to stillbirth at 38 wks due to a cord accident. Please talk to you doctor and see what he/she feels was the cause for this.  
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I am truly sorry for your loss and as Losingmymind says there are many reasons why women can go in to premature labor. If you talk to the doctors they may be able to give you a reason and hopefully a way to prevent it happening again.
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I am sooooo sorry foryoyr loss, I will pray for peace and understanding for you, stay strong, and GOD bless
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I am so sorry for your loss Rosey, you will be in my prayers.
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thanks a lot..i have went  2 my doctor and he done test byt everthings was fine.. they dont have a clue why i went in 2 early  labor,
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It could have been incompetent cervix.  When/if you become pregnant again I would insist that they monitor you more closely, especially your cervix just in case.  

Unfortunately these things happen and we don't always get a reason for them :(
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thanls 2 all of us 4 writing back,, it helps 2 hear what other ppl have 2 say..thanks a lot.. :)
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ya they did say if i get pregnant again they will be keeping a closter eye on me .. :)
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thanks,,, i did go 2 my doctor got test done and they dont no why it happen they just said it can happen 2 soom ppl...
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i lost a baby 2 years ago at 15 weeks but i too went into preterm labor and my water broke and then i started bleeding uncontrollably...the only reason i bring this up is because im currently almost 27 weeks preg again and the docs have been watching me very closely

as others have said there are numerous reasons you could have went into preterm labor...hopefully your doc offers you some answers....

but this is to let you knwo that there is hope...im so sorry you are suffering such an awful loss at this time but be reassured that there is hope out there that this will not happen again
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I'm so sorry for your loss. xxx
I can imagine how you feel. i lost my first baby at 33 weeks and just now had a healthy baby girl (4month old) I nearly lost her too. for some reason the cord stops working. This time they caught it in time and gave me an emergency c section but with my first preganacy it was too late and my baby died. So yes there is hope and i am sure in time you will come to terms with your loss and go on and have a healthy beautiful baby soon. x
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so sorry for your loss.may the Holy Spirit comfort you at this time.wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
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thanks so much 4 wrighting back 2 me.. it helps 2 ere whats others have 2 say.
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thanks so much 4 wrighting back 2 me...its good 2 ere there hop xxx
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thanks so mush 4 that.. xx
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