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melt down

I am36 weeks and 2 days. I have gone into labor twice and later to have it stopped after 8-12 hours which being at 32 and 34 weeks along that was a good thing. I have however had my shots to develope the babies lungs becasue I have never gone full term (to 37 weeks) OK so here is my problem. I am having a major melt down and fighting with DH (poor thing) I got out of the hospital a week ago and am 3cm and 80% effaced but my contractions, which are 6-over 20 in an hour 24/7 are not doing anything now! I have had less then 12 hours of sleep in the last 5 days as the contractions are to painful to sleep through. The only sleep I have gotten is from passing out from exhustion and waking during each contraction to have to move to a comfortable position. I am a gestational diabetic and on meds but took myself off them as my body is doing such a work out I bottom out form the meds even when I break them in half.

This is my 5th baby and for the most part things have gone great. A little scare at the begining with a hemorage but I was put on meds and was able to stay off bed rest, bleeding and contractions the whole time unlike the others.

So I could just about beg to be induced right now but they won't till 37 weeks. They offered me sleeping pills and meds to stop the contractions but I have had them in the past and know the side effects and I just don't feel like it is best to get them. DH thinks I should take them and that I need sleep and they would not offer them if they were bad. FYI little does he know ( cause my toher kids were from my prior marriage) that the contraction meds make me irritable and angry and never have taken the contractions away. The sleeping meds I have only taken once when I was pregnant and did not know that was what they gave me in the hospital until after the fact. I slept for about 2 hours then woke up to the same thing. I just don't think that they will help and I HATE to give the baby meds. MY DH thinks that this is "all part of being pregnant and normal and I am stressing him out and complaining and we will never have another one again" He compares me to his first wife who had two. THis is nothing like a normal pregnancy at the moment! I can handle the contractions if I could sleep at night. I could handlethe not sleeping if I knew the contractions were doing something and an end was nearing.

I have a bad tilted uterus and my cervix is so far back I am worrie dthat the baby con not effectivly put enough pressure on my cervix and feel that my body is wanting to go but can't, make since? Anyone else have this problem? I really want some ideas on what I can do about this to help things go along. The dr stripped my membranes already and I have never stopped having contractions since the last time I went in to LnD. I asked DH to let the dr know I am not sleeping and the contractions are painful now and my body is wearing out but he would not call and now they are gone for the weekend. Am I wrong to be upset that he did not call? I am sorry for rambling I am just mentally shut down I think.

I have tried baths, meditating, back rubs, my birthing ball, walking, humming, watching a funny movie, you name it I have done it to try to ease the pain and get my mind off it all and nothing is working.
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What reason did your husband give for not calling your OBGYN and did he tell you he wasnt going to call?  Is there are reason that you were able to call yourself?  The answers to those questions determine whether you should be upset he did not call.

In any case, its important you call your doctors after-hours number or call (or head down to) L&D.  Based on your pain level, lack-of-sleep, and most importantly the fact that you you took yourself off a medication, without medical advise, that you were prescribed for a very serious medical condition that can result in severe complications (gestational diabetes).
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He said he would not call cuz they said they could do nothing till the 37 week mark which is Wednesday. The reason I did not call is cuz when talking to people in oerson or over the phone I tend to not display how I really am. I am so excited about this pregnacy and I told the nurse on my ob appointment Tuesday but she did not understand at all. I was expecting to see my dr and he told me that he would talk to me about inducing then but was on vacation and I did not know till I got there. Also about the meds I was told to take half and "play"around with my meds as to what my body is doing just to keep myself at a good level, even not take it. I was told this by my dr in the hospital and by the nurse at my appointment after she saw all my readings. It is controlled by diet but at night, but since most of my hard contractions come at night it drops me to low like in the 40's and that is too dangerous for both me and the baby. So I am not putting the baby at risk for not taking my meds but it has been very hard to stay at a good level for the both of us. Yet since I did not take it for the first time last night my levels have checked great since. I guess cuz the 'exercise" my body is doing is helping it stay ok without meds and eating extra carbs. But thanks for your responce about the meds!! I would of said the same thing to someone myself.

I live 3 hours from my hospital and the only thing the dr will do for me at this point is to give me sleeping meds or pills to stop contractions so going there will do nothing. I called them last night and talked with a dr I have seen there before and he wishes he could do something but can't. I am just at a point were the baby would be ok right now but is still considered pre-term.

You know the thing is that I don't like being compared to his ex and her pregnancies nor told this is all normal and like i just need to cope and get over it. Those are my words not his. This is supposed to be the happy time and shouldn't be so stressful! I was always by myself with the other 4 as my ex was very abusive to me so I have never had anyone to go through a pregnancy with to give me support and that is all I want from him. For him to encourage me verbally, speak up for me and just listen to me cry when I need to. I really don't think that is to much to ask for right now. I never cry in front of people but I have twice the last two weeks and he does not know what to think about it!
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You poor thing! I went through constant contractions in the last few weeks also and it was miserable.

The last time I was being sent home because it wasn't true labor the charge nurse talked me into taking the sleeping aid. She told me that sometimes your body just gets worn out and a good night's sleep helps to put you into labor. She might have been soooo full of it, but it did end up working for me. I slept great one night and then went into labor the next evening.

Oh and comparing your pregnancy to his ex's is not cool. That would set me off too.
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