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miscarriage confusion

Ok its a very long story but I will try to give jsut the details needed for advice...TTC the end of Jan, we took a pregnancy test the 10th of Feb that came back positive, within hours I started bleeding, and very minimal cramping.The bleeding waslight at first but getting heavier by the second day, I stopped bleeding after 3 days. It wasn't anything like my normal period usually is. We went to the Dr on the 15th for blood test and ultrasound. Ultrasound showed nothing, most likely because I was maybe only 2 weeks along. The beta test came back with a level of 144, so I was told I was pregnant and the bleeding was most likely implantation bleeding. They wanted me to come back the following monday (today) for another beta test to check if my levels went up. Meanwhile the 6 days inbetween my breasts have doubled in size( not exagerating), I have a little pouch and lots of other pregnancy symptoms. Got our results back just to find out my beta level has dropped to 64, therefore they told me I have an impending miscarriage. If I miscarried or am going to then why is the 11 days that passed between the start of the bleeding the the second beta test have my pregnancy symptoms increased so much? Is it possible for hcg levels to fall then rise? Could this be a misdiagnosis? I'm so confused and honestly feel a little crazy. Please help????
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Sounds like a miscarriage to me. Pregnancy symptoms will continue to hang around until your levels reach 0. I am sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry you have to go through that. I'll be honest with you, a drop in HCG level generally means miscarriage. I've been there before and know how frustrating and sad you might feel. I would suggest doing another beta to see if it's still decreasing or increasing. Good luck!
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Thanks, I know it sure does sound like I lost it but I can't help but feel that they could be wrong and it could be the vanishing twin thing ppl talk about...They were wrong this whole time, all my test ( like 7 lol) came back postive there 1 negative, then the ultrasound that showed nothing, my dr said my hcg levels would be very low if anything at that time, then we got the results at 144. Even my nurse today was stumped that I've had no heavy bleeding and no cramping at all throught this whole thing. I miscarried a few years ago and know exactly how they feel and I felt nothing like that with this pregnancy. Nor did I have pregnancy symptoms after my 1st miscarriage. The nurse told me to call back next week to see how I'm feeling and we'll go from there. So I have yet another week to go crazy lol.
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Firstly i agree with the other ladies it sounds like a m/c (very sorry to say) It wasnt too long ago i was in the same situation my levels were 596 at 5wk6d and we saw a sac on scan 36hrs later i had started bleeding and my levels had halfed i bled in total for 9weeks it was never heavy only spotting and i didnt pass any clots or have any pain my HCG took 10 weeks to reach 2 and i still felt pregnant it was a horrible experience- i suppose not every m/c is the same, Id totally convinced myself i had "vanishing twin" but unfortunatly this wasnt the case i suppose you still try to hold on to something and find an explaination...
Having said that keep getting your HCG monitored as if they decline twice its a definate m/c and keep seeing your doc so they can monitor you.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope your little peanut is hanging in there...
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Thanks much ladies...I'll be going on for another hcg test wed we'll see what happens. I just thought for sure that they had to be wrong i didnt think your symptoms would increase so much so fast after almost 2 weeks after your miscarriage. I didnt have any of that with my first miscarriage once I started bleeding that was the end of it. This is horrible to go through,cuz you always have it in the back of ur mind that just maybe its still here. But again thank you all for your imput and best wishes. I'll keep you guy posted:)
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I had a molar pregnancy and had a huge amount of bleeding. then got pregnant a few months later and the baby didnt develop. but ive never completely miscarried. but if this is a miscarriage for you dont worry your time to be a mommy will come and this time will be a thing of the past.
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I have a 3 year old little girl, before her was my first miscarriage, which I never got my period back after I miscarried, so when I found out I was pregnant at 4 months along I was pretty suprised! She was my blessing baby, horrible timing in my life but she made it all worth it. My first miscarriage I bled horribly and had cramps that had me laid up in bed for days, thats another reason I didnt think I miscarried this time cuz I haven't had alot of bleeding and no cramping. I was around the same term too only a few weeks maybe even less. Also never had the post miscarriage pregnancy symptoms. This was all way too much for me, I would have rather just lost it like the first one then to get pulled back and forth thinking I lost it then getting hope again just to find out once again that I most likely lost it. Its quite a horrible and overwhelming feeling.
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