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I was just wondering what other women have experienced with early miscarriages. I was 6 weeks pregnant and started bleeding Sunday late afternoon and the bleeding stopped yesterday afternoon...so only about 2 days of bleeding. It was about the same as a period but not like the heavy days. I'm confused about it. I didn't have cramping but I did have back pain. I don't "feel" pregnant anymore.

What were your experiences?
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I had a mc 12-12-11. I was suppose to be almost 7 weeks. I had already seen the baby on u/s and heard the heartbeat. About 5 days after I heard the heartbeat I got one quarter size drop of dark red/brown blood in my undies. I freaked out went to the er and the couldn't find the heartbeat. I had no bleeding on 12-13 & 12-14 except that one drop. I went to the doc on 12-14 and they did another u/s and the baby was gone. I had light spotting for about 4 days after that. I had no pain or nothing but a terrible experience
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I had one June of 2010 at about 5-6 weeks.   It was actually a bad one that caused lots of issues for me.  After my family dr and the OB couldn't figure out why i was sent to a fertility specialist.  I didn't get another cycle naturally until I had a HSG done for the fertility specialist (about a year later).   He still put me on Clomid just to ensure everything was ok. now I'm 23wks.
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I think that our bodies all react differently to m/c...my first was at 5 weeks, and I started spotting with no pain, then within an hour the flow was heavier, and an hour after that I had such horrible cramping I couldn't stand up.  My uterus seems to overreact to everything, and since I normally have very severe menstrual cramps I wasn't surprised.  I bled for about as long as my normal periods, just with worse cramping.
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Last year I was 8 weeks pregnant and went for my 1 st ultra sound... Dr couldn't find a heartbeat and the baby was just sitting at the bottom of my uterus. I had absolutely no symptoms at all. No bleeding or cramping or anything..so my ob had the baby removed the next day.. so if I were u I would call your Dr and be checked out.
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I had a very early miscarriage last May-June. I had gotten a positive test and a few days later I started to bleed while vomiting. It was relatively painless and the flow was pretty much the same as a period, just a little heavier. Not long after my symptoms started to disappear (I vomit and have constant nausea while pregnant so that was a 100% indicator it was a miscarriage) and blood work confirmed my levels dropping.
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