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Does anyone play their baby music, and for how long per day? And when did you start? Do you also read them stories? I'm 17+4 and I'm thinking about getting a pair of old headphones to start playing music.
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I only do it for a few mins to make him dance here an there (yes hes got swag an dances lol) im 24w4d an waiting till im huge to really talk to him,my hubby does now though an those convos are sooooo boring lol..
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Aww :) do you play the music through headphones or just play it outloud?
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Both,i downloaded baby bob marley lullabyes on my phone an sometimes i sit it on my belly or use headphones
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I always have music on, but have never played music to any of my.babies thru headphones. I love to sing so I do that alot too
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Aww cute, I'm gonna do it :)
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I sing a lot as well, wonder if he can hear me lol
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ooh he can hear you :) I want to do the same thing lol I talk to it every night and if I find a cute song ill download it on my phone and rest it on my belly since its above my pelvic bone now and im only 14 weeks lol
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Im pretty sure he can hear yu now...I believe their ears start working around 17 weeks
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Aww :) that's so exciting!
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Yes I do but my doctor tld me not to use headphones because the music could be too loud for him so I play it out loud & he moves to the beat.......he loves it hopefully these tunes will help pipe him down on rough nights : ) & I tlk to him when I wake up im 25wks & 5days nd he can tell the difference between my voice & his father from evrybdy else
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That is so cute! Good to see u again acline!!
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I do even tho I'm only 12wks+4 I jus play it out loud & talk to my baby...btw ladies u are not suppose to put ur phone on ur belly the doc gave me a paper & I read an article online!!! Its because of the radiation waves that ur phone sends thru it, just trying to share ..here is the article

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Ill still do it because i dont do it often an i told my doc i did it today an she laughed,if she had clutched her pearls i would stop lol..plus theres a article out every week,everythings dangerous..
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i think you singing to your little one is even more special than just music. certainly will help later on when he recognizes your voice out of the womb. so i would totally say keep that up!
do talk to your little one, no matter how early on you are. its a wonderful way to bond with your little one and create a relationship with him or her. also helps for after birth when you are doing stuff. i always talked to my little boy, told him what i was doing and why, kinda like you're on a cooking show and telling baby what is happening. its great to help build that relationship and great for teaching your child the language. plus, kids like to know what is happening and what will happen next. so it sets you up for years to come.
i played music but never used headphones. i don't think you need to 'baby' the music for them to catch the beat. my three year old loves rage against the machine (he got that from his dad) but he was listening to that kind of music from the womb and it comforts him. we did get some baby einstein music as gifts and he didn't care for it. plus, kids are smarter than we think and can certainly handle more complex music.
reading books is also great but don't think you have to be stuck on kiddie books (trust me you will tire of them when baby is here) you can read magazines out loud and even your romance novels! stop here and there and converse with baby. for example " did you hear that angel, what a bad man!! " also feel free to do voices and add tones. (at this point you're thinking i should just watch a soap opera) but its great to get that practice in cause you will be doing that for baby books soon!
enjoy and have fun. Baby certainly can hear you and feel you (blood pressure too!)
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Aww thank you!
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Look up belly buds!  Mine are on their way. It plays music at a safe level you can hook yp headphones nd listen at the same time if you want. It hooks up to phones ipod ect family can even record messages for baby!!
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My hubby plays music on his phone for our lil guy he just puts,it on my belly. He,plays classical says it will make him smart lol
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I have put my phone on my belly with music on and the baby kicks the phone. I think it is hilarious
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I honestly think my little one knows voice differences and i am only 23 weeks she knows mine my husbands and her sisters :) she just started recognizing this week i think but i  am playing xmas music out loud for her she loves it!
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By the way glad to see u back!!!
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My husband and I are both musicians. It's how we met and I will continue playing as long as I can and will enjoy listening to my hubby after that. We are part of a community band.  Ladies, don't forget many of your towns have community bands with free concerts. Look them up and enjoy the music with your little ones.
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