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my symptoms are probably not pregnancy related plus thats not 100% anyways but what does anyone thinks?

sinus issuses are going away but hot and tired all the time and i currently stay at home all day until i start school
nausea, fatigue, period is be on late not use to that had sex almost everyday this month so far unprotected pretty stupid right when me and my fianace are clear that we should wait to have a baby.  appetties been all over the place 1st i ate so much with in 2 weeks i gained abt 14 pounds and now i have no appettie at all not craving anythang and have had so many dizzy spells thati had to sit down because i thought id pass out havent tested tryna kind of wait til this month is over to see if my cycles just changing a little achy and sore nipples by touch and a little lower back and abdominal pain but really nothing idicating a period soon. i mean everyone probably say to  itake a test. my cycles are abt every 20-24 days but definetly no longer that 28. last period was 8-23-11 to 8-27-11. idk guess i need to have some type of feed back cause i dont know what this could mean. also not too good with charting bbt. but its probably abt 98. something... what kind of cervical muscous would i be looking for on cd31?
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you said it yourself, we're just gonna tell you to test. so here is some feedback. ; )
i think you have grounds to test! : ) the only way to put your mind at ease is to take the test and see what it says. sounds like you have a good grasp of how things work too. so go with your instincts here, test and see.
and if you aren't interested in babies yet perhaps wear a condom around ovulation or get some birth control for yourself. and i didn't think you would be charting if you say you aren't wanting to try yet. and cm isn't a clear sign of pregnancy as every woman has different cm after ovulation. best thing to do to check is to go get a test. good luck!
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To chart BBT it has to be done properly. You can't just randomly take your temp in the middle of the day and use that. It has to be done VERY early in the morning before you ever make a move to get your resting body temperature. If you don't chart it or do it properly one temperature isn't going to tell too much. As another said all CM for women is different. For example, I almost always have watery discharge or creamy discharge, regardless of where I am in my cycle.

Symptoms don't tell too much as you don't need to be pregnant to have what you've described. I am tired, nauseated, have cramps, back pain and have very little appetite all the time. Most people get these at random points in their lifetime. Part of being human. Gaining 14 pounds in 2 weeks however would be something that warrants a trip to the doctor. No one, pregnant or not, should gain that much in such a short span of time.

The only thing you can do is take a pregnancy test. Waiting won't do much at this point except drive you crazy and delay the inevitable.
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yes your right. well i was ttc but me and my man arent finically ready yet so ill chart until we are i thinking we could wait a yr or two giving the cirumstances of the stituation at the time just dont wanna rush we'd love to have a baby but we agreed that it wouldnt be the best idea but havent figured out how we'd prevent it from happening and still get pregnant when we want with out interfernce and a condom isnt for us not because were pretty much use to unprotected just because they give me infections. maybe we'll work on the pill becoming our protection idk guess i just got to find the right pill.
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There are dozens of BC options. Implanon, IUD, shot, patch, pills, NuvaRing... You have to work out what would be best you FOR. For example, last year I choose the Paragard IUD because it's non-hormonal, lasts 10 years (we're not having anymore children so I wanted something super long term) and doesn't require daily use. I didn't want to have to remember to take something. If you're bad with pills or don't intend to use it perfectly, do NOT get on the pill. It has to be taken once a day, everyday. You also have to use condoms until it becomes effective--Usually takes about a month. Planned Parenthood has a quiz/questionnaire that you can fill out that will help narrow down choices that would work best in your situation.
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Take a home pregnancy test or go to your doctor to find out if you are pregnant or not. If you are not pregnant, talk to your doctor about which birth control option will work best for you. There are many different options(birth control pill, depo shot, implant, vaginal ring, and so on), plus using a condom would give you good protection against pregnancy. No one really likes using condoms, but many do because they are easy to get and use. Even if you don't like using protection, you should anyways because you need to think about your future. It's fine to want a baby, but you also need to be realistic about your situation.
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To: clysta
i do every bbt in a.m. sometimes i miss days tho.  lol but idk i just found out it has to be the same time everyday idk cant keep up i guess...
im just waiting to see if my period comes at all instead of wasting my time calling the doctor on monday wondering also if it could be alot worst than a pregnancy because that would be bitter sweet almost.
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