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naming the baby --- take 2

well ladies...the time is ticking away quickly and i still dont have a name picked out for my baby girl :(

DF and i were talking about it tonight and I finally got him away from Mary Jane as her first name but he is persistant with having Mary as part of her first name so my little brain is turning and i cant stop thinking of how to make this work

i think the best way to include mary in her name and keep it unique is to give her 2 first names....heres the dilemma....what other first name would you include with Mary that doesnt make it so plain?

My thoughts so far have been

Mary Ella "R" "M"  --- R is the first letter of her middle name and her name will start with a M

haha thats about as far as I thought :(

please ladies...all suggestions are welcome....what other name would you include with mary to give this baby a cute name?

thanks in advance for your input
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I really like Mary Ella! My mom's name is Mary Anne (hence Marley Anne) and I think that it is important that you are comfortable with the name... Maybe when she is born she won't look like a Mary something-or-other and you won't have to use the Mary at all. Here are a few more suggestions though:
Mary Aliana
Mary Elaine
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elise
Mary Elisa
(Apparently I think that the A's and the E's go well with Mary!)
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I think Mary Noel is pretty.
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Mary Catherine??

I like Mary Elizabeth and Mary Anne.  

Is he insistent that she be CALLED by Mary?  BEcuase you could always have that as her first name but give her a middle name that she would actually got by.  Or even make it her middle name.  If you have another middle name you are already set on, you could give her two middle names,.??
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what about something like marianna or something of that sort so she can have 1 first name but it will include mary?
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I love the name Mary.  That is what I named my last baby (almost 10 months old now).  We named her Mary Faith.

And nickie, I love the name Mary Elizabeth.  But I have a Mary and I have an Elizabeth so I am kind of biased.  LOL!
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thank you all for the suggestions....i think mary is starting to grow a little bit more on me but im not convinved and i prefer to not have her first name as only mary....i think if i include mary in it DF and i can compromise....

at least i hope so :/
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I like MaryEllen, which I believe was from the Waltons back in the 70's.
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I feel the exact same way you feel about the name Mary. But, I bet your baby girl will be so adorably cute that any name will suit her :-)

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grandmatobe - mary ellen does flow but im not sure :/

prettykitty1 - thank you...your comment made me smile....this naming of the baby has been so frustrating...i didnt have my sons father around so i didnt have to go back and forth and when i chose aiden thats what it was
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What about the name Molly? It is similar to Mary, kind of. I don't think you should have to compromise and give in to your DH. You BOTH need to find a name you BOTH love. Don't settle. This is your child, too, and you all have to live with it for the rest of your lives.
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molly is cute....he seems completely stuck on mary right now....im just gonna break down in tears to make him realize how much this frustrates me....he says i got to name my son but he wasnt around for my son....he met my son when my son was already 3 years old...not my fault

i just wish we could agree on a name....i really like carissa and i think its cute but he wont hear any name unless its mary :(
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this is supposed to be a name you both like! i dont think its fair that he will have it no other way, and him saying you named your son is a copout.  its time to go back to the drawing board and find a name you both love.
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thank you....i think im gonna make a list and give it to him and see if he can pick one from there....this is getting ridiculous and we are running out of time...i wish i could tell my baby what her name is

i always wanted a daughter but i dont want my daughter to have a plain name
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Just do what I did....tell him in no uncertain terms "No, I don't like that name" I said that to pretty much every name DH suggested LOL...poor thing was probably thoroughly aggravated with me but in the end we went with a name *I* suggested and one he suggested.  But we both like both names.  Alaina was my idea, Danielle was his.  We also both like the nicnames for both of those (Lany & Dani)

Seriously tho, I agree that this isn't something you should have to compromise on to the degree of naming her something you don't particularly like.  He needs to understand that naming a child should involve doing so with a name BOTH parents actually LIKE not one parenting forcing a name down the others throat with no backing down. That's downright selfish of him.  I agree with jscoch8 that his crap about you getting to name your son is a copout and frankly it's stupid.  Of course you got to name your son, he's YOUR Son,....who else was supposed to name him? Yes this is your DH's first child, but he needs to learn now that coparenting requires being able to AGREE on things, not forcing your partner to back down to your way of thinking.  If he can't learn that now, it's going to create a lot of problems later one.

This may be his first child, but it's also YOUR first daughter....I think you BOTH need to write out a list of say 5-10 names you each like.  Then swap lists.  Then when you have each others lists go through and cross off the names you like the least...but agree you won't cross off more than half.  Then see if you can come up with several name combinations using 1 from each list.  I don't then narrow it from there.  It can't get any more fair and reasonable than that.  
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