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What will you guys call your own mothers whenyour little bundles of joy are here...for example... Nanny, nanna, grandma... Because i myself am only 19 nearly 20, my mum is only 36... So she says any of them make her feel old... So what other names are there???
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Grandma, it's what I grew up calling my grandmothers. My mom is 16 years younger than her mom too, but we called her "Grandma" plus her first name.
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But my mum hates grandma.. She said its the worst one... We cant think of anythig she agrees too... But he loves her already.. She talks to him, and he kicks like mad.
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I was also 19 when I had my son.. And my mother refused to be called grandma lol...my son called her me-ma... And it just stuck!
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It is a tradition for both sides of our family that the first grandchild names the grandparents... So my Mother is known as Rera which was my nieces attempt at saying Grandma. My husband's Mother is called Ahh for the same reason. It is actually very sweet. One of the grandfathers is DatDad and the other is Papa.
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We've debated on nona.... Its the only one she sort of likes....but was hoping for more suggestions...
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Ohhh spiket77 i like that idea :)
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Sheldon from big bang theory had a nice term using me-mar
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My nephew called his grandma mima :)
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Working at a child care center we hear TONS of names for Grandma's because this happens all the time when they come and pick them up.  My top pick would be G-G.  My mom is only 45 and she was 40 when my brother had his first...she calls mom Nannie.  My grandma (Mom's Mom) wanted to be called Memaw because she was too young to be called "Grandma"  A friend of my boyfriends calls her grandma Mum (Granted she raised her).  I even knew a kid who called his madolla. like Ma....Dollar because she gave him a dollar each time he saw her.  My suggestion would be GG...or let the baby decide when he/she starts talking...trust me you'll try one thing and it'll end up something else!
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My mom is nan or nanna. But my nan, which is my daughter's great grandmother, we refer to as GG, short for great grandmother.
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My son calls my mom "honey". Lol he also calls his other grandmas "nana" and "nani"
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Everyone in my family (my brothers, dad, & myself) started calling my mom grandama, needless to say, she hated it, she is only 16 years older than me. Now my kids are 12 & 8 with cell phones. Grandma has been chopped sown to gma (& gpa for grandpa). It doesn't seem to bother her as much, lol.
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Mimi it a cute one too!! My aunt, her grandson calls her that..she's a  younger  grandma too!!
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my mom is going to be Grandma.  but I know that my former boss's grandsons called her G'ma  They told her she was a hip old granny
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I'm half German, so my son calls my parents Oma and Opa, my husbands parents are divorced so we've got MiMi and PoPo and Grandma and Grandpa, and great grandma on his side. A friend of mines little girl calls her grandparents momo and papa bear, and another calls her Gma Gigi
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Try Grandmommy, or KiKi or MoMo, but majority of the time babies choose their name for the grandparents. My oldest was the first grand baby for everyone (my adopted and birth parents, my ex husbands parents and my current husbands parents) my son has a Gramoma, Gandmu, Monay, Gammam, a Grad, Dida, and a Pop Pop. None of them but Pop Pop were planned.
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My mother in law wants her granddaughter to call her Gma....
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Im calling my mom grandma and my grandmother will be nanna
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When we started having grandchildren we wanted our grandkids to be able to know us from the other grand parents. So we are Opa & Oma which is german for grandpa & grandma:)
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I grew up calling my moms mom "granny goose" and somehow all my other cousins adopted it too lol. My dad is Swedish, his parents I called Farfar and Farmor, Swedish for fathers father and fathers mother. My mom wants I be Mormor, mothers mother, but my dad doesn't know if he likes Morfar... Lol. I told he can choose or we are going to find something outrageous to call him, like grampy or pappy lol!
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My mom didnt wanna be called grandma either so my brother's daughter called her Mimi and it stuck. My dad is Pop Pop.
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My kids call my grandmother (who we all very close too) Nannie, my husbands mom is Meemaw, & my mom started out as Grandma but when my daughter was old enough to say it she would tell us no she's Grandmom so now that's what all my kids call her.
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I called my mom's mom grandma brown and ever since everyone calls her that. I was the first grandchild so I guess I picked the name out. I called her grandma brown cause when I was little I had so many grandparents it was hard to remember names. And since shes native american her skin is brown so I would call her grandma brown. Lol :) In my family we usually call grandparents by grandma/grandpa with their first name afterwards. Like grandma dee. But the grandpas are papa. Like papa tim or papa al. My mom hasnt said she doesnt want to be called grandma or anything. So hopefully it wont be a problem. :) oh yeah we also call one of our grandmas mormor too!
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I have two moms :) so my kids call them nana (for my mom) and GG (for my step mom, which we kid n say it stands for grandmas girlfriend haha)

My girls call my mother in law - Ita cus they couldn't say Abuelita (were Hispanic) they use to call her yaya but she didn't like that cus it didn't sound like a grandma name (rolls eyes)
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