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natural or epidural pros and cons

Im going back and forth on this..I have a high pain tolerance and I know I can make it through labor without the epidural bc many women have but idk im a lil afraid I guess and like the option of having an epidural but I guess time will only tell..but ladies what are your pros and cons on this subject ??
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I got an epidural with my first child (5yrs old now) n I still get back pains from it.

I'm pregnant with my second child and I don't think ima get the epidural again but there are other options than just going natural.
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I had the epidural and it was quick and easy. Didn't hurt when they done it and I felt absolutely nothing after about 2 minutes. Made labor very easy and painless and I'm 16 weeks pregnant and WILL get it again! I couldn't imagine going through all the contractions and pushing a baby out without an epidural also they have to cut you down there and then put stitches in after the babys out.  Just way to much for me to go through when I know a simple needle in the back can make it all painless!
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I had an epidural with both my boys and it was quick & easy but NOW i regret it so many bad stuff for you & your child. i had my daughter in January and didnt get the epidural and yeah it was painful but duable i work for a chiropractor & we do epidural shots for our patients that stuff is HORRIBLE for your bones good luck!
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i have heard women that get it slows your labor down, i didn't do both my labors were quick and there wasnt' much time to think about that but i also know they have other drugs they can give to take the edge off while in labor it would be something to try before going to that.  i have herd many women complain about ther back even years after it
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I had gotten it with my first son and ended up getting a pinched nerve so I couldn't lift my back in order to push someone had to hold my back so it was very painful. All my pain was focused on my back so I felt no pressure I should have felt pushing him out. But just cause I had it then dont mean i will get it this time. I for sure am getting it again, Im kinda a wimp i hate pain..
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I will NOT get one when I go into labor.. I have a high pain tolerance, but the risk of the needle going in wrong freaks me out. My sister went without the epidural. She got some other drug and her delivery was as smooth as can be. I'm 20 weeks with my first child but my feelings are already pretty strong about this. Good luck :)
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If u have a high pain tolerance I'm sure u will b fine without it. I didn't get one but received meds through an iv which helped a lot! I dont think ill get one this time either...
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I didnt get an epidural with my first had her natural and dnt plan on gtn it this time ariund it wasnt as bad as I thought its painful but I hve high pain tolerance
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I was induced with my first and still didn't get the epidural or any other pain meds.. To me an epidural potential benefits doesn't out way the potential risks.. There are just too many women who have something bad to say about them.. My sister has 4kids and the only time she got an epidural was with the last one and ended up having to stay in the hospital longer cus it caused her to leak spinal fluid.
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Natural: extremely painful, exhausting but quick recovery alot better if there are no stitches u can start walking straight away...
Epidural: no feeling of pain at all.. But will take time to wareoff or can lead to c section if complications occured..  some women reported long term back pain...
I had natural 58hrs of labour honestly i m planning on getting epi next time coz it was insufferable pain.. N i couldnt sleep for 3 days n 3 nights.  
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The epi does not take away all pain. It simply takes the edge off. And depends on who does it i think. My first was perfect. No pain in back. The second god awful took longer to recover and walk. But i would not go natural personally. I have anxiety and would end up passing out if i was overwhelmed. So pain meds are the way to go for me. Try looking into other options if your a bit skeptical on this option.
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For me:
Pros: got rid of my labor pains for about a hour
Cons: slowed down my labor so much I had to have a c-section. & I have really bad back pains...
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I didn't have anything except some phenergan for nausea and it made me so sleepy I was out of it during my labor. I am to scared of that needle they put in to start to epi. I will do the same this time with my 5th. Yes it hurts but your adrenaline is so high when its finished the pain is only remembered as it hurts. I didn't see having an epidural as an option. Don't say you don't want one and end up in labor for 20 hours. My longest labor was 7 hours and 10 minutes. I got the phergan at 7 cm and it didn't slow my labor and my babies were all 8lb'ers. Go in with an open mind and if going natural is what you want to do then go for it. You can do it. I still tell people I did it naturally cuz you still feel EVERYTHING...but just a little less aware of it.  Keep an open mind about your birth plan cuz anything can happen...good luck:)
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And not all women end up having and episiotomy...where they cut the skin between the vagina and the anus. Your more likely to tear a little than have to be cut and when they stitch you they numb the area with Lidocaine....I had stitches with my first.
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