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negative test but pregnant signs

Back in May ( I don't know the day of my May period or the days I had sex) I have unprotected sex. Then in June I realized I was late as it was nearing the end of the month and mine are usually around the middle. I had been getting sick at everything from smells to car rides. Then on at 21 I had it but it was light and only 3 days long. I had been worried I was pregnant but when I go my period I didn't think about it till my sister suggested I take a test anyway. I did and it came up negative as I excepted.
Now it's July 22 and I haven't gotten my period, when I excepted it July 19th. I noticed probably 2 or 3 weeks ago I noticed my breasts were very tender and I was constantly constipated. But since I had a negative test I didn't think twice.
So today I realized I'd missed and I seemed to be having signs of pregnancy I went and bought 3 more tests. I took about around 4 or 5pm and then another at 10pm. Both were negative. I have one more I'm saving for the morning.
But I'm sure if these others have been negative it will be too.
Even if I am getting ALL negative tests, could I still be pregnant?
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HI there, I feel for you! I am going through the same thing at the moment.
I have been trying to find facts on why some people are pregnant but have negative HPT till like 8 weeks in.
I'm hoping I might be one of those. I've been taking lots but get evaporation lines, the evaporation lines appear straight away with first response.
I know this is not very helpful for you but at least your not the only one going though it.
My last period was 30th May, it's now July 23rd....

Let me know how it works out for you.
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i've been having some slight pregnancy symptoms also and the doctor did a urien test and a blood test and both came back negative. I'm thinking that since they were both done one before my period and the other the next day of finishing my period taht maybe that was why it came out negative. On top of that I'm having discharge coming out of my breasts clear from my left and rusty color from my right. Some food smell bother's me and my son wears a cologne that i like so much and now i tell him not to wear it cause i can't stand it. I know I'm 36 going on 37 and that I had a tubal ligation done back in 2002 when i had a c-section for my daughter. But my tubal ligation was just a cut of the tubes they did no burning or tying to them. funny thing is that my boyfriend is away on a job trip and the last time we had sex was on april 7, 2009 and i seen my period all these months including in may i seened it twice in the same month which was weird for me. but anyways to make this story short can I be pregnant and not know it. i feel something moving at times on my left side and when i press my stomache to feel it feels hard on the bottom of my stomach around the pelvic area. I you uys know more than me please don't hesitate to inform me. thank you very much.
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Well thought I'd update you guys. this morning when I woke up I took my last of 3 tests. It's possitive. So I'm going to go get a blood test done asap.
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Congratulations mbunnell!! I'm very happy for you, you must be thrilled. Was your BFP a strong line? Amazing how just 24hours makes a difference in these tests.
I rang the helpline for FRER and they told me that evaporation lines can happen after the 10 min time frame. Fab! My evap lines are getting darker each time and are pink, I decided to take a test from Forelife, but there was nothing, not a trace of any evap line or anything which I could start getting my hopes up with. I didn't use FMU. I have 2 more tests in the pack so I will wait till the morning to test again..
I did wake this morning feeling very sick and my stomach is very bloated.
I just want my BFP!

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hi, i need some help please. my last period was on the 8th september, which was normal, i would of been due on the 6th october but came on very lightly on and off for two days on the 3rd october, my periods usually last for 5 days and are very heavy. i am experiencing morning sickness well actually all day on and off, i could sleep for england, alot of headaches, slight cramps, gone off coffee and tea where as i normally drink 10 cuos a day, cant stomach alot of foods, fantastic mood swings much to my partners delight not, i have taken tests they came up negative, apart from 2 which had very faint lines, i went to the docs and the test there came up negative, but i still feel pregnant, the problem is i have endometriosis so could this be affecting the results, any ideas
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Endometriosis will not affect the results. The 2 tests you took that had faint lines, were they faint given the right time period or was it a while after you were supposed to look? I'd wait two days and test again with first morning urine.
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