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no baby or heartbeat

hello I have a question im 18 years old & pregnant my last period was january 30 ended february 4th & I should have been around 7 weeks I went for an ultrasound on 22 of this month & they said the measurements of everything said I was only 5 weeks so they scheduled me for today for another ultrasound & im 6 weeks & still no baby but you  can see both of the sacs. I'm scared. They did a blood test on 22nd to check my hcg levels & see if they were same as ultrasound & they called next day & said they were fine but now my doctor is saying we should've seen some change today but me & my mom both said we thought the yolk sac & the gestational sac looked bigger & beside the yolk sac looked like something was there just too small to make out. And the ultrasound tech said maybe its too early but the doctor said something should been seen by now ,I'm scared & I don't understand. They did another hcg level blood test before I left to see but the doctor kept saying we should be seeing something now.. Please help me to understand
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If you are six weeks along, and there is a gestational sac and a yolk sac, then the pregnancy could still be viable.  By seven weeks, there really should be a fetal pole and heart beat.  IF the measurement of the gestational sac is greater than 16-18 mm and there is still no fetal pole, then something is wrong.
Another helpful test might be progesterone.  IF less than 15, it is not a good sign.
I hope everything turns out for the best for you!
Good luck!
Dr B
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