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no judgement please or hate!

Im 33 weeks and the last 2 weeks ive been so stressed i broke down and smoked some weed.. (i had quit like at 20w) probably  8th in total.. So like $35 worth.. Well the other day i had pre labor syptoms.. Im freaking the hell out! Will it be out of mine/my baby systems bout the time i give birth?! I dont want my first baby to be taken from me.. And i dont know who to ask..

Everyone ive asked has put me down n called me a peice of ****.. And has wished apon me that my son be taken from me so please no negative comments
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It takes about 3-4 weeks.
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I drink about a gallon of water a day.. Im start
Drinking 2 gallons a day just to make sure..

Oh and the smoking was spased about over 2 weeks like a bowl a day maybe even just like a few hits..

I want to keep my first baby i dont want him taken from.. Ima young mom and my world was turned upside down on me..

I KNOW i shouldnt of smoked but i did :'[
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Their dumb for doing all that! Just be honest with your dr and let them know what you did they can't do anything but tell you to not do it anymore since you are so close to delivering. You should be fine they won't take your baby
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I see a different doctor every time i go in..  Im a high risk pregnancy as is...

Theyre so judgemental and dont look at me right or even give me straight answers for my pregnancy..

They will just ask why i didnt double up on my anti depressants/axcietys... Idk why i didnt..
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The worst that would happen is that they would check up on you and make sure the baby is safe in your home as long as the baby is which I am sure he will be you will be fine they won't take your baby away. People smoke throughout their whole pregnancy and still have their children smoking a small amount doesn't mean you are a bad mother if you were doing like meth or something like that they'd be a little more concerned then you smoking a bit of weed! Just keep drinking water and drink some tea too it should be out of your system by the time you deliver
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Dont feel bad. Its just weed. Talk to your Dr. Let him know not only that you smoked but also what has you stressed out. Dont listen to ppl. They usually like throwing rocks when they have a glass house.
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My brother in laws gf at the time smoked weed while she was pregnant she smoked a week before their son was born and doctors didn't take him away from her
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They changed alot of rules due to that. If you give birth or go to the dr nnd its in your system they will take your baby. They will not tell you they tested you but jus try drinking water nnd eating fruit nnd NEVER DOING IT AGAIN..
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I know some hospitals drug test but I don't know if all do. Just drink a lot of water and don't smoke again. If you're really worried I would ask your doctor
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Sweetheart a little bud will not get your baby taken from you. Crackheads get to take their babies home. I have had morning sickness since I was 6 weeks and still have it at 33 weeks and ive broken down just so I could eat a meal. Dont sweat too much over it...trust me there are way worse things other moms are doing than smoking some pot
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Thank you momas :) this has put my mind at ease..  And has helped me.. I guess im just worrieing too much.. I live in the capital of Oregon.. And theyre bastards when it comes to marijuana and like to make examples of young moms and young people i just dont want to be in that position..
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I'm 33wks, and have been smoking for 33wks! I started when I was 36y/o, with my other 3pregnancies I took prescribed meds that were for different ailments I had during pregnancy. My girls are 19, 13 &12...and I'm having my.first boy. Have NOT had any complications nor dr intervention. I plan in delivering my son at home. Tree is from the earth used for MANY medicianal ailments..stop being so hard on yourself. You can drive while weed is in your system, not true for.alcohol that's legal!!.
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