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hi, just found out am 7 weeks  and had  my first check, they said no heat beat and the sack was smashed in on one side. after i left they called told me i have 0-neg blood which is rh blood and it attacks the baby. sack still there but i dont think much hope for this little one. so sad.   has anyone got this blood and had healthy children. thanks
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p.s by the way am not 51 this is my aunts site and name .

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I am O- blood group, I have had 4 healthy babies, and am almost 21 weeks pregnant with my 5th. They usually give you a blood test to see if you have any antibodies in your blood stream. Even if you don't they give you what is called an Anti D injection. I have had one of these injections for every baby and miscarriage I have had. I have to have Anti D in my 28th week. This matter really needs to be addressed before you plan to conceive. Best of luck.
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I am a A- blood type and also rh negative. I had a healthy baby girl 9 yrs ago. Got a shot at 28 wks. And then another once she was born because she was my husband's blood type O positive. My sister has had 4 pregnancies 2 resulting in identical twins and she is also RH negative, babies have all been healthy. Even when you miscarry they should be giving you a shot, at least from my understanding it's every pregnancy but also depends on baby's blood type. My sister didn't receive a 2nd antibody shot with her second child because he was also A negative.
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Let your doctor be your guide.  I also think you will need an anti D shot after the baby comes out.
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Yes. There is a shot you can gt if you are rh. The hospital will give it to you if you are a threatened miscarraige.
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Nothing more that I can add... I am sorry about your loss..

i have negative blood as well... and I had to get the shot after my miscarriage.. I havent tested positive for antibodies yet... Pregnant for the 2nd time- healthy baby up to 25 weeks now.. 3 weeks and I go get he Rhogam shot..
The shot is designed to prevent you from developing the antibodies...  They generally will screen you for them in your first prenatal bloodwork.  If you have antibodies already, the shot wont do anything for you...  but there is a 50% chance that future pregnancy will have your blood type and therefore there wont be any issues.. As well, in less severe cases, they can do in utero blood transfusions... I read alot about it...  
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thank ya so much, my heart is broken for this baby, i had no ideal i had a different blood type. sad part some how the red cross got my blood work before my dr and they called me the same day i found out my little one was not going to make it and ask for me to give blood, i know they didnt know but thats how i found out about my blood type, my dr called me 3 hours later to tell me.  i still have had no cramping or bleeding. they wont to do more blood work monday and than we will go from there , probley a d.c for me. God Bless all of ya and your babies hope one day to join this great site with ya and under my name. Joni
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