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o/t - baby updates!!!

My little Grey-bear is 4 months old today....I can't believe time has gone so fast. He's very good with his hands and can grab and put things in his mouth...he cooes and burbles all the time...he's very easy and laid-back. At his 2-month check-up he was 25 inches and 11lbs3oz. I'm guessing 27inches and 13 lbs for his 4-month. He's such a happy little baby...and his big sister is totally entranced with him.

He eats about 5-7 1/2 oz a feeding and he sleeps about 5-10 hours at night....but OMG that boy can put out a stinky fart. I'm asking his ped about it on the 23rd because I know that stinky farts can sometimes indicate lactose-intolerance..but he doesn't actually spit-up anymore so I'm wondering if he has another digestive issue....but it's not serious if there is one so I guess I'll find out on the 23rd lol.

I just wanted everyone to update on their little prince or princess so we can catch up on how everyone's been doing! How are everyone else's little angels? I know there are other forums but since I'm so close to many of the ladies on THIS forum I was hoping we could do the updates here :)
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4 MONTHS!!!! Woah!

He sounds like he is coming along lovelyy!! :) All I can say is Harry has Hiccups! LOL...

Woah!!, Has he smiled yett?? LOL...

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Awww, Harry! I miss that feeling...I can't believe how soon you'll be holding your little prince! time sure does fly!

He smiles and laughs ALL the time...he's sooo happy..like right now he's trying to get his feet and he's making himself laugh and he's squealing in joy....not doing anything with him, he's just entertaining himself LOL.
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well my little Janie bug is 3 months old, and the last time we went to the dr...a few weeks ago, she weighed 12.2 and was 23" long...she eats 4-5 6oz bottles a day, and sleeps through the night..she smiles, coos at you, and just laughs(she snorts when she laughs) but, she is so tiny, she still wears 0-3 months clothes, they are just a little short, but huge in the waist and everywhere else...

I like this topic, it is so much fun, to just be able to talk about our babies...It is just a happy topic lol
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Aww Ivy, Grey is sooo adorable!!!  I wish i could hear his cute lil laugh!! Cant believe he is 4 months already!! Time goes by sooo fast :(   Sounds like hes got a terrific big sister!!!

Cole is doing great too! He is 6 months old now!! His next appointment isnt till the 22nd, so I dont know much about his weight, he was 16 lbs at 5 months!  so since he started veggies and oatmeal, id say hes prolly about 18 or 19 lbs now.. hes a big boy!!!  He is soo happy!! always laughing and smiling at me, and grabbing my face to give me kisses (well really hes just trying to eat me) lol but I call them kisses an hugs.. He LOVES to pull my hair *Ouch* He also rolls from back to tummy to tummy and back all through the living room, and does so good at going back wards in his walker!   He plays with like 3 toys at a time, he will have one in one hand  and reach for the other, and if i introduce another one he will drop one to get the other one.  He sleeps about 10 or 11 hours a night :)  He is such a good veggie eater!!! eats anything I give him!  
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DURR there is a picture of him smiling! LOL..
He hasnt really moved much today though?? I have a scan next week! OMG! LOL...

LOL.. I am sooo scared! LOL..
He will be on the Move soon Ivy... LOL... Beware! LOL..

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I forgot to add, he holds his own bottle all by himself with no help!!! and started his first sippy cup this week!!!
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How exciting!!!
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Aww, he's gotten so big and just as adorable as ever.  Lily had her 2 month check up on Friday.  She is 10 lbs 13 oz and 22 3/4".  She is exactly the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference.  

She has been excusively on breastmilk for about 3 weeks or a little more.  I finally got my supply up to where we could eliminate formula and now, somehow, I have a major stock pile of milk.  I have just over 4 days worth of bottles for her in the fridge at any given time.  She eats about 4 oz 5-6 times a day and she sleeps atleast a 7 hour at night.  

She's finally transitioning into 0-3 month clothes. She is at that inbetween stage where most newborn stuff is too small but some still fits and msot 0-3 month is still a bit big, but some items fit.  

She's really smiling and trying to coo and babble now.  She usually wakes up in the morning and greets me with a huge grin where her eyes just light up and she gurgles at me.  

She is EXTREMELY gassy and can fart with the best of them...sometimes stinky sometimes not.  She only has a bowel movement every 3-4 days.  The doc said that it can be very normal for a baby on just breastmilk to go infrequently.  He said it's becuase the breastmilk is so efficient and digests so well that there isn't a lot of waste.  

They grow so fast!!!
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AWw Losing, Lily sounds like she is doing soo good!!!  I love the first morning look. When I walk into Coles room and he sees me, he gets the biggest smile on his face and goes crazy.. He is the happiest first thing in the morning!! me not so much hahaha...   Im glad you finally got to take Formula out of the equation.  

I forgot to mention Cole was is 6-9 month clothing now!!!  we are actually on the search for a suit for him to where to christmas dinner, but cant seem to find anything under 12 months.. really urks me...

I dont really ever notice Coles farts being stinky, the only time I smell stinky is when he poops lol.. hmm weird
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Awww. It's crazy how fast time passes. Kylie is 9 weeks old and is a happy, social baby. She's still breastfed and is gaining more and more weight. At her 2 month appointment she was 10 pounds 4 ounces, 22 inches long. (she feels heavier now) she only cries now if she's tired or hungry, and gives an insulted squeal if we're not playing with her. We're working on a sleep schedule with her, and normally she is in bed no later than 10, waking randomly at night to eat and finally getting up at 7am. Most 0-3 month clothing is a little big, but almost all her NB stuff is too small so we need to use em.
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Navy is 6 weeks old as of yesterday and at her 5 week appointment she was 21 1/4 inches and 8 lbs 13 ozs. She can now kinda smile every once in a while and she can hold her head up when she lays on her stomach for about a minute. I have no idea how much she is consuming but she eats about every 2-3 hours for 30 minutes. I usually have her in bed no later than 10 pm and she wakes up again at 5:30 am. We just started having her sleep in her own room at night 2 days ago so I'm still sleeping fitfully and checking on her like a psycho. She drowns in 0-3 month clothing and is still wearing NB some of which are even a little big. I can't wait until she moves up a size though because I have some dang cute 0-3 month old clothing. Oh and she has baby acne right now and its driving me absolutely crazy!
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I absolutely LOVE reading everyone's updates!!!! I can't wait to come back after the kids are asleep and read more in depth, lol, bed time is nuts around this household but I wanted to check in so everyone knows I didn't forget about them and I can't wait to read everyone's updates :)
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