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ok so I have a question.

I see alot of mothers don't vaccinate their kids. Isn't it mandatory to vaccinate in order for the kids to go to school?? Im so confused.
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I think so, either they get vaccinated or the district wont enroll them. At least thats how it is in my town, and we have 8 elementary schools(: I personally think it's kinda dumb not to vaccinate them. But thats just me
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Yeah so how do the mothers that don't vaccinate enroll their kids at school? Im curious.
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You can sign a personal exemption, or your dr can sign one if there is a medical rason.  My older daughter who is now 15 had a serious reaction to mmr, very lucky she didn't wind up with autism.  The problem with vaccines is they give too many too fast and all at once.  Its dangerous.
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Home school or private schools. Some vaccinations are necessary and others aren't.
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That or they do home schooling online..
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O hhhh ok idk if I should give my baby the hep b vaccine what do u guys think?
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Me and my husband agreed to no vaccinations unless we talk about it and research it. A lot of vaccines can cause adhd, autism, and a lot more mental/ learning problems. We are homeschool ing our kids until they can decide for themselves if they want to go to public school. Where I live it isn't mandatory to get vaccines. Nor do you have to be current with them if you want to attend public.
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Personally,  I had all my vaccines as a child.  My two daughters have all their vaccines as well. I feel better knowing I'm trying to keep them healthy,  now if they have any reactions to them then I won't push it. I plan to do the same with my little one when he/she arrives.  That's just me. :)
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There is absolutely no correlation between vaccination and autism. There is absolutely no factual evidence that links vaccination to any sort of mental retardation or any other major issues except in people with preexisting autoimmune disorders or contraindications to medications. Vaccination saves lives. Vaccination saves babies children and adults from horrific diseases like German measles and whooping cough and hepatitis.
There are schools that will accept "religious" or "personal belief" waivers to allow people to enroll their children without vaccinating them. Those people pose a significant danger to you and your family. Vaccinate your children. Give them protection against diseases that kill people.
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I am NOT going to let them give my newborn any vaccines.  There is absolutely no reason and the risks outweigh the benefit (to a newborn).  I won't start any vaccines until at least age 2, and then I will research each one carefully before allowing it to be injected into my child's body.  They gave my first baby the heb b vaccine without even asking!!
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Yeah my kids had all of theirs too but is the hep b really necessary? I mean cant u only get that through sexual intercourse or like needles and stuff.
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