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overweight and pregnant

I need help. I have just found out im pregnant. This will be baby number 3. Before I found out I was pregnant I was doing the tesco version if the slim fast diet. Obviously I won't be continuing it mainly due to the sugar in the shakes. My problem is im petrified of eating normally as I put weight on really easily.  I know theres a big debate about whether its safe to diet in pregnancy but I need help on at least maintaining my weight and possibly losing some. I wont be talking to a midwife for another 4 weeks or so so I need help from someone who has gone through or going through something similar. Im 5ft 7 n weigh about 16stone and I am petrified about stopping all diet regimes. I need to be in control of what I eat and I get scared when my calorie intake gets too high. I think iv got a diet plan in mind that will help control my anxieties and be safe for my baby. What do you girls think of it?  -
Breakfast-2× boiled eggs + milk + fruit
Dinner-grilled chicken breast + veg + parsnip chips
Tea-dry fried mushroom on 2 slices of toast or a shake when im at work.
Please don't judge or leave any nasty comments. Apart from my weight im otherwise fit and healthy
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I had a very similar situation as i was overweight when i became pregnant as well. You actually dont need to eat extra calories to maintain a healthy pregnancy especially if u were overweight when u became pregnAnt. My doctor told me i only needed to gain 15-20 lbs my whole pregnancy and that is mostly baby, placenta and fluid. As long as u are eating healthy and not skipping meals u should be fine. As for losing weight its generally not healthy to lose weight during pregnancy but i lost 8lbs my first trimester bc of morning sickness. But every pregnancy is different. Hope this helps! And congrats and good luck!
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I too am overweight and understand your struggle. I have recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes so i have no choice but to watch what i eat. Lol. I think the key is portion control, eliminating lots of carbs, sugars, and lots of veggies and fruit. Lots of water too.  And of course getting your excercise. I wouldnt necessarily call it a diet, more of just watchibg what you eat.
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Just eat natural healthy foods. Fruits veggies meats eggs yogurt milk. And lots of water.
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Thanks girls. :)
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Don't forget to eat lunch. If you skip meals you'll actually slow your metabolism even more than it already is in pregnancy causing you to gain even more weight.  Eat something every two hours (not like gorging) like a handful of almonds (for protein). It'll keep your metabolism going.  And maybe take some probiotics to keep your gut clean.  My midwife told me to take probiotics daily and Papaya Enzymes at every meal.  The papaya helps your body absorb the nutrients but keepd your body functions moving. My midwife also told me to have 1 oz apple cider vinegar in the morning and one at night and to try and have like 80grams of simply protein every day.   It's not a diet if you just want to eat healthy for baby.
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(the vinegar with the "mother")
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Those meals sound healthy but you need to eat 3-6 times daily. It might even help you keep weight off to snack throughout day (and reduce heartburn) on healthy things on foods like basically what you said. Also, breastfeeding after will help get rid of excess weight. Good luck! :)
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Herbalife Shakes Are All Natural And Safe While Pregnant To Maintain You Weight, Good Luck!
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Alot of good tips here. Eat only healthy foods (not health foods) foods like fruits veggies non fried meats, i like boiled meats, water. I liked walking a lot during the beginning. I lost 15 pounds my first trimester by eating right. Now I'm 24w and I'm wanting everything because I'm finally able to eat so i have to watch it now.I really enjoy a lot of little meals threw out the day. Don't obsess about it. Love yourself! By the way I'm 5`9 218pds and love my body, Ofcourse i need work but I'm beautiful and so are you.  :-)
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I was overweight when I first got pregnant too. I was told to gain a maximum of 35lbs throughout and honestly I haven't dieted at all and I haven't even gained 30lbs and I am about to be 39 weeks and I'm diabetic.  Eat lots of lean protein, chicken, fish, seafood, lean beef or lamb and plenty of fruits and veggies. Nuts are good too. They will fill you up and are high in protein. It's not how much you eat its what you eat. Drink plenty of water, natural fruit juices are great unless you're diabetic, fuze fruit drinks are low in sugars and carbsbut taste great. Also milk will fill you up too. Good luck! :)
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