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pain/labour induction?

So, im 35 - 36 weeks pregnant and like the title says, i'm in a good amount of pain...
my back hurts SOOOO much!
I have so much pressure on my pelvis,
im so nauseas and i keep getting contractions (1 - 2 and hour)..
but 1 - 2 an hour is normal for me...
im just so sick and sore from being pregnant,
i just want her out already!
anybody know what i can do to make these last few weeks comfortable for me?
or even strategies to self induce..
cause im sick of this!
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I know this isn't what you want to hear hon but it's all part of the package. baby isn't even full-term yet, and won't be until after 37 wks...but if this is your first baby, full-term is actually closer to 40wks.

So you really need to try to relax and just wait it out. Trust me, everyone is miserable at the end of pregnancy! I was having kidney stones with my first pregnancy and ended up getting kidney surgery at 34wks so I spent my last 2 months recovering from a very painful condition and invasive surgery...

and with my 2nd pregnancy, I was having a weird neurological problem (and heart problem) and I was actually going blind for several hours every day.

So you want to talk about miserable, I can totally sympathize! My daughter came all on her own at 40wks despite it being absolute agony to hold out until the end, and she was a beautiful healthy 7lbs6oz.

With my son, they talked about inducing me at 38wks but I wanted to wait as long as possible and I managed to hold out until 39w4d when we had to induce because I was in danger of having my vision permanently damaged, but if I could've I would've let him come on his own. He came out at a beautiful and healthy 7lbs10oz.

Everyone is sick, sore, nauseous, and exhausted by the end, but the best thing is to let baby come when she is ready because if she comes out too early she could have immature lungs or incomplete development and end up in the NICU, and trust me that is HEARTbreaking! Some babies can come at 35-36wks or earlier and be fine, but only if they come on their own - you NEVER want to force a baby out before full-term.

With that said....most likely no self-induction techniques will work until baby is ready. Your body knows best for baby and will try to keep her in until it's "time" so this early in the game nothing is really going to work, and your OB/midwife won't induce until you are "safely full-term" which means at least 2-3 more weeks by law.

I'm so sorry you feel like you can't handle it anymore, I totally do empathize! now that I'm 28wks pregnant with baby #3 I'm very tired and sore because all 3 of my pregnancies have been very close together, but I'm patiently waiting it out day by day.  try to just relax and enjoy this last little bit with baby in your belly - your life is about to change in a HUGE way and you definitely want to try to take advantage of the last few weeks of it being just you and your partner...before you know it, she'll be here and this will all be a fond memory!
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sorry I meant to say that one of the best things you can do for your comfort level at this point is take a deep breath and just surrender to the inevitable that you are going to have to wait on baby's time frame...once you admit that you are powerless to decide when she comes, you will feel a huge weight off of your shoulders. take warm baths, prop your hips and back with pillows, watch your favorite movies and read some books, have girlfriends over for "chat time"...all of these things will be much harder to come by after baby gets here, so take advantage of this time!
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My baby was delivered at 35 weeks 1 day gestation. The emotional pain of having a baby in ur NICU, plus the $500,000 in medical expenses is NOT worth it. You will just have to s u c k it up and deal. Rest relax, warm baths, lots of yoga and stretching. Don't be selfish by trying to have your baby come before baby is ready, prematurity is nothing to take lightly!
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I was induced at 36 weeks for my first baby cause he wasn't getting enough liquids I knew something was wrong I gained 15 pounds in the last week I was retaining fluids. My advice is to ask for the pain meds as soon as you get to the hospital and don't leave there without a baby on hands. When they ask you if you want an epidural say yess right away...good luck and be strong!
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Unfortunately, it's just a part of being pregnant. The last trimester is outrageously uncomfortable for everyone. I had hyperemesis and was vomiting several times a day all throughout my pregnancy and then developed preeclampsia. I had horrific back and pelvic pain because I had SPD. I couldn't even roll over in bed without being in agony.

I went into labor on my own at 38 weeks and had a healthy baby. You do not want to self induce at 35-36 weeks. Pregnancy is dated 40 weeks because that's how long it takes for all of babies organs and body systems to be fully developed. If you self induce now, you run the risk of having a nicu stay for your baby at the least. It's better for the baby to stay in until she's ready to come out.

As for being uncomfortable, there's not a whole lot you can do. I definitel suggest talking to your OB about what the best course of action for pain relief is.
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I no your pain, im 36wks 2days.. Had two cases of false labour - both really painful.. :(

Starting to have contractions nw at nyt only really ... i try and move as much as possible with the contractions i no that doesnt sund easy but after a few days of trying you will get the hing of it ... oh your birth ball... its amazing for contraction or disconfort ... i am now sleeping in our double bed alone at nyt ... he sleeps in a single bed in the same room to be sure im okay :) maybe sleeping along surrounded by pillows cld help.. especially if abby active at nyt.. Helps me loads..

sumtimes my partner rubbing my belly and back helps ease it for a while... :)

Hope it helps.. huni plz whatever you do my midwife has said from 38 weeks plus is the best time to try n start labour... try and himg on as much as possible... i no hw you feel i jus am ready to have this over with but i no i need to hold on until he/she is ready to come out ... xo
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When dealing with a premature infant, it is not always possible to leave with your baby. Sometimes they're perfectly fine, and sometimes they require a NICU stay, and it's detrimental to their health and livelihood that they receive medical care. As for pain medicine and the epidural, I had one, but it's definitely a personal choice.
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Thanks for the tips/advice ladies,
and i dont mean to seem b*tchy or like i cant handle it at all, lol.
im just pregnant and irritable and sore LOL.
My next OB appointment is next week,
so i'll have to talk to him about what else i can take for my back..
im not sure if she's on a nerve or something,
but its just painful and tylenol is not cutting it lol.
i'm gonna say that you must be in the states or something if having the baby in the nicu cost money, cause im pretty sure here it's not like that lol. But you all are right, i dont want her in there.
i dont exactly want her in my uterus anymore either lol.

but thanks for the advice!
and if anyone knows pain remedies (besides stretching/hot water bottles, etc), im more then open to try anythign for my back!
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My midwife recommended seeing a chiropractor that specializies in pregnant women. I started to go but didn't. Yes, in the states you have to pay for any and all medical care that you and baby receive unless you're on the state medicaid. Insurance will deduct and reduce what you have to pay, but you still have a certain percentage you're responsible for.
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I want to see a chiropractor, but my boyfriend doesn't have coverage for that yet, and it's quite expensive.. im just going to continue hot water/showers/stretching until i see my OB next week. thanks!
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Try laying on a electric blanket at nyt etc ... :)
havent tried it myself but  myt work..

believe me i no hw you feel i have thought soo many times how i could get ot over with .. im so sore..

:( Good luck hun x
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