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pain pills???

ok so here is the deal... i have many back
problems including two fatty tumors that
press on my spine. i have been taking percocet
for years whenever it gets bad but when i got
pregnant my doc switched me to vicoden. i stopped
taking all of the pain killers muscle relaxers an other
meds as soon as i found out about the baby. the past
couple days have been beyond painful. cant sit lay down
or sleep. i have tried the over the counter pain killers an
it doesnt touch the pain. has anyone taken vicoden while
pregnant? i'm going to go out of my mind if i cant get some
good sleep soon.
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I take vicodin and I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I was taking it before pregnancy for muscle issues and my Dr told me no need to stop till end of 3rd trimester so baby doesn't become addicted. He told me it can't hurt baby and the stress caused from your body being in so much pain could. You do need to rapper down as you go along tho. I wold work something out with your dr If u haven't already
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Oh and you can also take Tylenol with your doses of vicodin everytime. I know its super painful now but once your body gets used to the dose your taking then you will not be in as much pain. I was on a lot of other stuff to so I know how hard it can be switching and lowering doses. You can do it tho it just takes some work :)
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I was having gallbladder problems last week was put on hydrocodone 5mg 1-2 every 5-6 hours the pain got severe Tuesday I went to a local big hospital (30 minutes away) they have me 2 shots of morphine and a shot of dilota in a 5 hour  period (wasnt even touching the pain). Then admitted me upped my dose of dilota thought the night so I could sleep then had surgery around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon. Then sent me home with 5mg of oxycodone take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. Seen my baby on ultrasound Thursday look fine just moving it's little arms and legs. I am no longer taking the meds because I'm scared long terms use might effect baby, just ask your doctor about it.
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I had terrible teeth pain that turned into an abscess in my mouth and my doctor wouldn't give me anything. I couldn't sleep and the pain would get unbearable throughout the day and mostly at night as it progressed. I have no idea about Vicodin but I took lor tabs at night for a few days. If the pain is unbearable and you can't sleep I can understand taking something. Tylonol alone just does not cut it for severe pain.
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I'd only take it if and when you really need it though. Addiction is no joke and babies don't need to go through that. I'm sorry about your back I hope it gets better for you!
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I take it only when its really needed I got into a real bad car accident two yrs ago and I had to have surgery on my spine but thank god I don't have to take it everyday because it would stress me out.
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My doctor also told me that its doesn't harm your baby its just that they don't want your baby to go through with draws
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First off Katie you CAN NOT take Tylenol with vicoden it already has a pretty big dose of acetaminophen in it and that's all that Tylenol is if you take them both your putting way way way too much of it in your body and it can damage your liver horribly i used to take vicoden and just that amount of acetaminophen raised my liver enzymes dangerously high and i had to be admitted to the hospital for a week bcuz they thought i was going into liver failure and i was only taking the 7.5/750 4 tines a day they had to change me to something with barely any acetaminophen in it after that but i don't need them anymore it is okay to take it during pregnancy only as directed by your ob doc though so check with them first i took Tylenol #3 while i was pregnant with my son bcuz of serious kidney problems that led to 4 surgeries during my pregnancy and i took it during the entire last 6 months of my pregnancy after my son was born though he slept a lot and wasn't eating very much bcuz if it so i do recommend tappering down to nothing before you give birth good luck i hope you feel better oh yeah i forgot to mention to Katie its motrin you can take with vicoden but you can't take it while pregnant
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You can take that during pregnancy...doctors actually advise you don't go off it can cause baby problems like seizures and distress and it also has a chance of killing the baby. The worst that happens is there is a chance it can be come addicted then have to be weaned off but other than that it doesn't harm the baby. I've been through it.
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Um Sandy yes I can for 1 because I have a kind that doesn't have very much Tylenol so my Dr tells me to. Second I wouldn't say anything unless u know my condition more thanks.
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I was prescribed vicodin, took 1 pill and it made me sick as a dog so I flushed the rest of them, but they're okay to take
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I bruised my tailbone and ended up taking Vicodin so I could sit down and walk at work. I only took it before work because I was nervous about taking it too much. If your doctor puts you in the clear for it id say take it! You'll feel much better.
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Wow Katie I'm sorry if i offended you but a regular old vicoden like what's being talked about here has too much acetaminophen in it to take Tylenol with and your kind of advising her to take it with Tylenol your right i don't know YOUR condition or medication but a regular vicoden can not be taken with Tylenol so if i were you i wouldn't be advising someone else to take medicine along with a prescription if they aren't taking the same thing as you that's dangerous
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