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playing music for my baby (b4 and after birth)

Right after I found out Im having a boy I bought him a light blue stuffed dog that plays twinkle, twinkle little star. I have been playing it for him the past few nights and he moves around ALOT. And sometimes he stops moving and moves around when the music stops like "hey! where did the song go??" LOL and I'm wondering if anyone else played music or had any routine with their babies in the womb that they continued after they were born?
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I rubbed my daughter's foot when she'd push it out. When she was born, she loved to have me rub her foot. Most newborns are too sensitive to that kind of touch.

My hubby is a worship leader and becoming a pastor, so we listen to a lot of Christian rock and praise/worship music! Our daughters definitely prefer that sound to other music. There's a song called Angel's Cry that I sing softly when my little ones get upset or are trying to fall asleep. They love it!

Music is a "soul thing". We naturally move to rhythms and beats and songs can affect our moods, so definitely keep playing music for your little one! It'll be very soothing for him when he's a newborn because he'll connect it with his comfort in the womb.
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studies have proven that a fetus that hears teh same song over and over in the womb will recognize it after birth.
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When I was pregnant with my now 4 year old son I listened to Praise and Worship Music EVERY morning.  Once he was born we had music we played in his room while he slept.  I know they say music makes them smart...my son is very smart with an IQ of 135 I don't know if it's because he listened to music so much or not.  However he really hates music.  LOL  it's quite humorous.  If I try and play music in the car he will always tell me he doesn't like it and wants me to turn it off.  My husband plays guitar and piano and my son has a guitar but doesn't care much for it.  I am going to try and start him on the Piano but I am thinking he isn't going to care for it.    But I say play it for them...it's a beautiful thing.
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thats funny rachie.. how can anyone not like music?? lol

Anyway, I will defanetly keep playing the song for him and maybe add some new ones. That's a good idea about rubbing the little feet that push against the belly Joy :)

I'm hoping the same goes for voices, I've been having my bf talk/read to the baby for at least 10 mins everyday so that they will recognize his voice. My brother's newborn practically hated him! She would cry and cry until her mom had her again... it was kind of sad
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I played Mozart for my son when he was inthe womb.   the studies are conflicting if it is beneificial for brain development or just entertainment, but there is no harm in it one way or the other.   I used head phones converted into "belly phones" and my MP3 player to put a compilation together for him.  I played it 4-5 times a week for anywhere from an hour to three hours (depending on what I was doing).

Now that he's out of the womb, he settles down for naps to the same compilation and seems to recognize the music.  It's just soft classical music, but he seems to respond.
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