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please help

So im 37 weeks pregnant and i really need to give birth ASAP! I been making shakes of pine apple and castor oil or orange and castor but it doesnt seem to work, does anyone has any other ideas.
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Speak with your doctor.
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Why do you feel like you need to give birth so badly, they won't stop your labor at this point but if your body and baby are not ready then you shouldn't try to force it. It could cause complications for you or the baby its a little early to try to induce yourself most of the things you can do at home to try to induce won't work this early because your body is not ready
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The same feeling i had with my first one.. I tried every tip and trick to start labour but nothing happened.. Finallyy i couldnt take on any longer and went and had an elective c-sec with a perfect healthy boy..
Now on baby #2 and suprisingly i m very calm this time and prefer to wait till the last minute! I m 35 weeks along ryt now..

Just stay calm... the hard days are just going to be over in no time... sleep as much as u can before the baby arrives!
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This is my second baby and the firstone i didnt rush, this one is just givin me a lot of pain and anxiety, i feel like im going crazy
I responded on your other post, but I'll reply to you here as well. Although you may feel like you're losing your mind, definitely bring that up with your OB/GYN. Anxiety can be potentially harmful for the baby and yourself. If they weigh the risks and you're a suitable candidate, they may prescribe you an anxi-anxiety medication. There are plenty out there that can be given in very small doses. There is a risk that it crosses the blood-brain barrier, but those are the risks your OB/GYN will assess with you. The last thing you want to do is put you or your child's life in danger by taking some "home remedies" from old wive's tales.
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You're not yet full term hon.  I would not try to bring on labor yourself at this point as it will happen soon enough.  It's a hard time in pregnancy, right at the end.  But don't rush it.  Baby will come when ready.  I felt exhausted at the end of my second pregnancy too with a one year old to care for.  But really, when a newborn arrives, so does double the chaos.  :>)  Enjoy the peace before that.  good luck
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Castor oil isn't good/safe to use. The lungs and brain are developing in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. If you induce too early your baby can come out with immature lungs and learning disabilities down the road. They would need to keep your baby in the hospital for observation and even procedures if not developed properly.the due date is an estimation. You could possibly be 35 weeks, not 37. The due date is an estimation give or take 2 weeks. I wouldn't risk it. Baby comes first. Good seek maternal help if need be but it's not worth risking your child's health
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