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positive or negative?

I have a question. I went to the doctors yesterday to get a referal to see a specialist as I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now and with my second child I used clomid to concieve him. The doctor gave me the referal and sent me to do some blood tests to see if I had ovulated and also a pregnancy test while I was there.
Later that day I got a phone call from him saying something about my levels and that there is a 50% chance that I may be pregnant and that I will have to come back in three days to have another blood test to confirm. I was a little over excited at the thought of it being positive, that I really didn't listen to what he was telling me...lol.
Can someone explain to me why the test wouldn't have shown up a positive or a negative. If you need anymore info regarding my situation - just let me know.
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Well, you said you have been trying to get pregnant for six months, that could very well be why it might be positive.
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I did do a home test last week and it said negative, not that that means anything.

I was really after knowing "medically" why there can be such an unsure result. What makes the test come back as a 50/50 chance?
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it's probably not that it's 50/50. rather that your hcg levels are low b/c it's still very early & your dr wants to see if they increase. hence, more bloodwork in a few days. good luck!
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Hi there!  I had the same thing last week.  I had two blood tests that came back indeterminate; which are few and far between.  Basically your blood is carrying the hCG hormone but it's too high to be a negative and too low to be a positive.  They want you back to see if your levels are going up like they are supposed to during pregnancy.  Good luck to you!
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Thanks so much SillyRenee - that makes total sense. :)
Like I said, he did explain to me why, but I was a little excited and in shock that it "may" be a yes. I guess I will find out tomorrow.
I was actaully going to the doctors to get a referral to the specialist to see if I need to go onto clomid again like I did with my second child. Maybe now I won't have to. Now that would be great!! :):)
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Oh SillyRenee, I forgot to ask, did your test results come back with good news?
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Just an upe on this. I had a second blood test today and it was positive!! Yay!!
I am only early though - around 6 weeks. :)
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congrats bmmm on your pregnancy
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Congrats on your little bean!
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I'm so glad to hear that this turned out well. And I can't wait to hear more from you, bmmm, during your pregnancy!
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Thanks everyone!! I am really excited about this little bundle! Because I have found out so early, it's going to be a long pregnancy...lol.

I have two other children, a 6 year old girl and a nearly 3 year old boy. Although it is early, we told our little girl because we wanted it to come from us, not from someone else. She is so excited and everytime she talks to me, she talks to my belly, not to my face...lol.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again for the congrats! xx
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Hi Bmmm!  I am so excited for you!  I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to check up on you!  My results were not good news.. still no idea what's going on with me!  I have my transvaginal ultrasound on Tuesday to see what is going on in there.  Part of me hopes they find something wrong, which I know sounds silly but I am just tired of my reproductive system playing tricks on me!!  You must keep me posted!  What a surprise! :)

Also, how did you like the clomid?  My OBGYN said I will have to go on it when we are actually trying (right now we aren't trying, but we aren't not trying if that makes ANY sense).  My DB (lol can that be used for boyfriend?) freaked when I told him that because he said he doesn't want to be Mike and Renee plus 8.
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Sorry to hear that your news isn't good news Renee. :(
I just left you a "note" on your page before I seen this.

Clomid was an emotional rollercoaster, but it worked in the end. I went right through the process and ended up falling pregnant on my last cycle - which was 3 tablets. It was even harder for me as we managed to concieve our first child after 9 months without any help, but it was so much harder getting our second. That's why I was convinced that I was going to have to go through the same process for number 3, but thankfully it didn't come to that.

I totally get where you are coming from re: trying but not trying. We were the same with number 3. I had my implanon out for 6 months and we said "if it happens, It happens".
When I was on clomid my mum would joke with each larger dose that I had to take, that we would end up with a mini bus full of children from the one pregnancy - thankfully that didn't happen...lol.

Make sure you keep me posted on your progress won't you. I'd love to chat to you about it more.

Keep safe.

PS: Sorry in advance for typo's I am at work and am being too lazy to read over it....lol.
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Congrats and I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months!!!!
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